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    Woolwich, the birthplace and HQ of the Royal Artillery is getting the chop. In their infinate wisdom, the cheese parers, bureaucrates, and other fertile geniuses of the civilian govt have taken this historic place away from the RA. 26 May 07 there will be a Farewell Parade. The Fourth Battalion RA, now serving in the colonies, has been invited to send over a crew to man one of the guns,a galloper, now in the museum, in the ceremony.
    BTW, the museum, Firepower, will remain in Woolwich. I have been there twice and it is well worth a visit.
    YMH & OS, Ben Newton fourthbnra@hotmail.com
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    That is a shame . Is the artillery being combined with another branch or Command ? As military campaigns in set battles for combatants not to face one another artillery becomes a more important weapon system .

    It is good the museum is being maintained next time in the UK I would like to visit .
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    The artillery as an arm of the British Army will remain the same. All the functions in Woolwich will be or already have been moved to Larkhill which is the training complex.
    YMH & OS, Ben fourthbnra@hotmail.com
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    Ben has raised an important issue here. This is symptomatic of what is happenin to all our Armed Forces in this country, and shows the complete stupidity displayed by the Labour Party and the Civil Service. Still, I don't want to go on a rant, so shall leave it there ...

    Ben, I hope you enjoy your next visit to our country! ;D

    Best wishes,


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