william bradley, my grandad

Discussion in 'Looking for someone' started by paul26a, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. paul26a

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    I hope so, they seem like a nice bunch of peeps.annie ile get back to you when ive spoke to the inlaws. thanks ever so much. paul
  2. paul26a

    paul26a New Member

    YES ! YIPPEE !!, annie its the right family :D .my auntie Cath has confirmed it, even the names of her own sisters and brothers hold a clue, oldest sister-Margaret, 2 brothers-Robert and William.:) just like the names on the old census papers. Now higher walton is on my travel map too ok goin for a google ........ cheers annie.. paul
  3. liverpool annie

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    Oh thank goodness !! :rolleyes:

    But just for something a bit different ... I found this on flickr !! :)

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  4. paul26a

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    (Oh thank goodness !! :rolleyes: ) haha,,sarky! That made me laugh.
    Nice picture Ta very much annie. just found out that austin also worked as a fisherman out of fleetwood :cool:

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