Wilhelmshaven Mutiny

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    Does anybody have any information about what really happened ?

    Reinhardt Scheer commanded the German High Seas Fleet at the Battle of Jutland and subsequently headed the Naval Supreme Command in 1918 until his dismissal by the Kaiser shortly before the war's end.

    In October 1918 - with the army facing defeat and the civil population starving, Scheer decided to launch a do-or-die attack on the Grand Fleet. Knowing that the attack would be vetoed, he neglected to inform the government of Prince Max von Baden. But when orders were given to sail from Wilhelmshaven on 29 October 1918, many sailors either refused to obey them or deserted. The plan was abandoned, but these events led to the Kiel Mutiny, to revolution in Germany, the fall of the Imperial government on 9 November and the Armistice on 11 November 1918

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