Widow's tribute - S/Sgt Olaf Schmid

Discussion in 'Other Conflicts' started by Adrian Roberts, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. Adrian Roberts

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  2. spidge

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    Thanks for posting Adrian.
  3. Kitty

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    An incredile man and an incredible woman.
  4. sniper

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    Both are incredible people and i have a lot of admiration for them both. S/Sgt Schmid was a very brave man to of dealt with all those bombs and i believe that he deserves the VC. His wife i hope will go on to become a leading figure for the public in helping in getting the British out of that mess that was created by the Americans and looks like turning into another Nam for not just them but for us as well.
  5. Adrian Roberts

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    Olaf Schmid and Kim Hughes have been awarded GCs.

    And, contrary to some comments, the George Cross is not inferior to the Victoria Cross, according to its constitution; it is merely awarded in different circumstances.


  6. DFC

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    So well deserved ,so well honored... RIP

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