Why are there never declarations of war since WWII?

Discussion in 'Other Conflicts' started by skyblue, Dec 22, 2012.

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    Perhaps I missed something in my study of semi-current events. I believe President Bush (43) declared war on Iraq with the approval of our senate and congress and a pat on the back from the U.N. and NATO counties. Afghanistan has also been touted as the longest War the United States has ever been involved in. Our military involvement in Vietnam was much longer by more than a decade more than Afghanistan. Did something slip past me or did I read the question wrong. I haven't had my full ration of caffeine this morning so anything is possible.
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    You didn't miss anything... March 20, 2003, Bush did indeed, with the approval of Congress, declare war on Iraq. Now I'll have to go and see why it wasn't mentioned in this thread. :D 'Cause I'm nosy!
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    You go lady! Confirmation from a nosy person is soooo much better because now I know that I'm not totally senile and without a clue. Thanx and a peck on yer cheek!

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