Who is your favorite leader of the US?

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  1. Although he wasn't a leader of the entire country, Alexander Hamilton was my favorite founding father. My favorite story about him was when his mistress blackmailed him. She and her husband were going to expose him for an adulterer. He ended up paying them. It is quite interesting to look into the "back alley" stories of the leaders (and other people) of the Revolutionary war period. Ben Franklin was a sex addict who had a son who died from alcoholism. These little tidbits don't come up in the grade school texts. You may have to dig a little.
  2. Washington actually had ivory teeth, with a metal spring, that is why he is never seen smiling in his portraits, because he's clamping down on the metal spring to hold his mouth shut. Many rumors surrounded Washington. He never cut down the cherry tree. People made up the story to add to his already great reputation. He was famous as an astringent and capable officer, and they wanted him to also look honest as his political career took off.
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    I'm trying to figure out how this thread became about Al Gore, liberals, and the environment. This was supposed to be about who our favorite leaders were, and it was supposed to be a place where we could express who our favorite leader was without people ragging on us about it. If Al Gore is their favorite American leader, then that's just who it is. Why argue over it? Now I don't want to put who my favorite leader is because you might start getting on me.

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