Who is this man and where did he come from ?

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  1. and I think the WB = Würtemburg[/QUOTE]


    on this point I think you are right too...

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  3. Glen, possible indeed,

    Our man was aged about 28 to 30 years old when he died ... (source Gendarmerie).

    It is what the coroner who examined the remains concluded.

    It also appears that the man had his back "tired".

    I am going to try to obtain the autopsy report...

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    What does this mean Michel ?
  5. Back tired, as someone who has worked very much, like a farmer by example or a coal miner...

    Am I clear ?:)
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    That's interesting about the age. Possibly either a long term survivor or a late conscript.

    If you do get the autopsy report, I know some good medical people here in London and can help with the medical terms if you need it.
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    OK ! ..... now I know !! :D

    You also said they thought he was in his 30's ?
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    It just goes to show how people have always lied about their age.....even if they didn't have Jane Fonda telling them they're worth it :D:D:D:D
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    The history of the 1st Bavarian Reserve Division 1914 - 1918

    1. The Bavarian Reserve Division (].st Bavarian Reserve Corps, with the 5th
    Bavarian Reserve Division) was at the beginning of the war part of the 6th Army
    (Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria), and detrained in Lorraine August 13-14. After
    having helped to check the French offensive in Lorraine, participated in the battle
    of August 20, entered Luneville, and after having fought at Einxille, early in September,
    it went to rest in the vicinity of the Paris-Avricourt railroad, and later
    march to Metz by stages.
    2. September 27-28 the division entrained at Metz and was carried to Cambrai.
    Entering line between Douai and Arras, it fought at Izel, Gavrelle, Rouvroy (Oct.
    2-3). On the 5th its right wing was at Souchez, the whole 1st Bavarian Reserve
    Corps being then in line north of Arras. October 23 the two divisions of the corps
    attacked violently along the Carency-Roclincourt front; they remained in line until
    June, 1915, the 1st Bavarian Division being between Roolincourt and Ecurie.

    Neuville-St. Vaast.
    1. In May, 1915, the 1st Bavarian Reserve Division was engaged at Neuville-St.
    Vaast, when it was reinforced by two battalions of the 99th Reserve Infantry Regiment.
    The 2d Bavarian Reserve Regiment suffered casualties of 14 officers and 1,413
    men (casualty list).
    Le Labyrinthe.
    2. In June the division fought at the Labyrinth.
    3. It continued to hold the sector north of the Scarpe, but moved toward the south
    in December, the front of the 1st Bavarian Reserve Corps extending as far as Blaire-

    1. The division remained in line east of Arras, straddling the Scarpe until August,
    1916. From May to August, it comprised the 12th Bavarian Reserve Regiment, instead
    of the 3d Bavarian Reserve Regiment, loaned temporarily by the 5th Bavarian
    Reserve Division.

    2. Withdrawn August 8, it went to the Somme. It was engaged the 12th in the
    Clery sector, and was relieved as early as the 15th by the 1st Guard Division after
    having suffered heavily.
    3. The second fortnight in August the division was at rest near Cambrai. The end
    of that month and early in September, some elements of the division were engaged
    near Clery and Martinpuich in order to facilitate reliefs.
    4. About the middle of September the 1st Bavarian Reserve Corps was withdrawn
    from the region of the Somme and sent to the Aisne, where the 1st Bavarian Reserve
    Division occupied a sector to the west of Craonne until the beginning of December.
    5. Brought back north of the Somme, it sent some elements into line in the Beaumont-
    Hamel sector (north of the Ancre, December-January).

    1. After sometime at rest, the division went back into line February 27 to the north
    of Arras (Roclincourt-Neuville-St. Vaast). April 9 it received the full shock of the
    British attack—lost the villages of Thelus and Bailleul and l,500 prisoners.

    La Bassee.
    2. Relieved about the 15th of April, the division rested, and the entered line
    north of the La Bassee Canal (east of Festubert ). It remained here five months, takingno part in any important engagements but suffering losses as a result of gas attacks.
    3. It left for Belgium October 0-7, and took over the Zandvoorde sector (southeast
    of Ypres) on the 8th.
    The 1st Bavarian Reserve Division is a good division, but its combatant value can
    not be compared to that of the active Bavarian divisions.

    1. Here it remained in line until February 11, when it was relieved by the 239th
    Division and withdrawn to rest in the Menin area, before it had suffered many
    2. March 9 it relieved the 54th Reserve Division in the Dixmude sector. It was
    relieved on the 22nd by the extension of the fronts of the neighbouring divisions.
    3. It marched to Zedelghem the same day, and reached Seclin on the 23d. The
    28th it came into reserve near Douai. It was undoubtedly intended to reinforce the
    German attack on the Arras front on the 28th, but as this was a complete failure, it
    returned to the Carvin area.
    4. April 9 the division reinforced the front near Richebourg-St. Vaast, and took
    part in the initial attack on the Lys battle front the same day. It advanced through
    Lacouture, Vieille-Chapelle, and had reached Zelobes April 10. After the first day's
    fighting it met with a strong resistance and suffered heavily. It was relieved near
    Robecq by the 239th Division, April I8.
    5. April 27 the division relieved elements of the 207th Division east of Loos (south
    of the La Bassee Canal).
    6. It was relieved by the 16th Division about September 27, marched to Carvin,
    which it left September 29, and entrained at Seclin. for Heule, whence it marched
    into line via Moorseele. It was identified near Roulers October 4. It was relieved
    by the 6th Cavalry Division October 16.
    7. After a rest of only a few days the division came back into line on the 23rd to the
    south of Deynze, whence it was withdrawn about October 31. It did not return
    to line.
    The 1st Bavarian Reserve Division took part in no real fighting with the exception
    of the Lys offensive, in which it did nothing to distinguish itself. It would seem
    that the division does not deserve to be rated higher than third in a scale of four

    Is the La Bassee Canal anywhere near our soldier?
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    So ... we think he died between April 9th 1918 - April 18th 1918 ? :confused:

    But I'd say closer to the 9th wouldn't you ? .... so that might narrow it down !

    .... still talking a lot of men though !
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    And that's assuming he was in the 1tst Bavarian reserves although that does seem very likely.

    Where do we start? I've never done any research on the German side.

    Would the UK Archives have records of Red Cross inquiries about missing men? Or is it the War Museum etc? I hope Roy is following this and can offer advice.

    I can go to TNA or any London records site easily but it should be by Saturday as the paperwork holding up my trip overseas looks like it may finally be sorted out by the weekend.
  12. Yes it is what I said, and if I lied it is after the Gendarmes...;)
  13. Annie,

    I agree, it is what I am thinking...
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  15. [Is the La Bassee Canal anywhere near our soldier?[/QUOTE]

    Yes Glen, it is

    In Bethune, the river Lawe going even below a Siphon ...
  16. This is very important :

    from Glen post :

    4. April 9 the division reinforced the front near Richebourg-St. Vaast, and took
    part in the initial attack on the Lys battle front the same day. It advanced through
    Lacouture, Vieille-Chapelle, and had reached Zelobes April 10. After the first day's
    fighting it met with a strong resistance and suffered heavily. It was relieved near
    Robecq by the 239th Division, April I8.

    Vielle-Chapelle is few hundred meters behind the place where the soldier was found and the Zélobes a few hundred meters ahead.
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    This is why I asked about La Basseee and Festubert in case he was washed downstream from another part of the front but I think you have confirmed he wasn'. I was a bit south of Richebourg about 2 weeks after you found him in October so I know how much rain there was and how the rivers coould have risen.
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    Lucky you!

    I have been held back due to manning problems this end! First my flight was delayed, then hurry up and wait...and now...PAH! :rolleyes:

    We were all psyched up for Christmas "out east" and now it appears it may be birthday out east! :mad:

    I am still waiting on some int from a number of my oppo's on this chap...I have a pic of Bavarian boots from a period publication which I need to scan.....Wait out....
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    The Division was back at Lys in October 1918.......

    1.Bay.Res.Div.: Stellungskämpfe in Flandern und Artois.
    1.Bay.Res.Div.: Schlacht bei Armentières
    1.Bay.Res.Div.: Stellungskämpfe in französisch-Flandern und Artois
    1.Bay.Res.Div.: Kämpfe vor der Front Ypern - La Bassée
    1.Bay.Res.Div.: Kämpfe an der Front Armentières - Lens
    1.Bay.Res.Div.: Abwehrschlacht in Flandern 1918.
    1.Bay.Res.Div.: Nachhutkämpfe zwischen Yser und Lys
    1.Bay.Res.Div.: Kriegsgliederung: Stab/n.1.Bay.Res.Inf.Brig.(II) [mit Bay.Res.Inf.Regt.1, Bay.Res.Inf.Regt.2, Bay.Res.Inf.Regt.3]; 3.Esk./Bay.Chev.Regt.3; Bay.Art.Kdr.13 [mit Bay.Res.Feldart.Regt.1 und I.Batl./Bay.Fußart.Regt.1]; Bay.Pion.Batl.17; Bay.Div.Nachr.Kdr.401.
    1.Bay.Res.Div.: Schlacht an der Lys

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    I found this ... is this any good ??


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