Who is this man and where did he come from ?

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    OK !!! I've looked and looked ...... and all I can find are these collar dogs for NCO's

    Various Types of NCO collar disks

    A Pre-War Silver Bavarian NCO Collar Disk
    B c.1915 Bavarian NCO Collar Disk
    C Pre-War Silver Würtemburg disk
    D Pre-War Prussian Gefreiter Collar Ddisk
    E c.1915 Prussian Gefreiter Collar Disk

    But the Rampant Lion is facing the wrong way ....... !! unless it's just the mirror effect from the camera !! :rolleyes:

    Edit ... and I think the WB = Würtemburg

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  3. liverpool annie

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    I thought it was General Graf Roth .... ( or Both .... ) :rolleyes::rolleyes:
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  5. No laces holes for our Bavarian's boots...

    On the photograph is missing the "rod" which remained stuck on the sock and tibia when Julian has recovered, the second boot, the right foot, was complete...
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    Indeed...As it says "standard GERMAN" boots"! ;)

    I am making some inquiries on the buttons etc...I'll get back to you soon...
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  8. spof

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    This photo looks a little bit more your picture.


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  10. liverpool annie

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    Look at all those medals .... !! :) wonderful !!
  11. Annie,

    When I see the number of links on the Internet that speaks of this General, I think he was really a very important figure in history and he had to be a model for our soldier.

    E... our (German) friend told me a few weeks ago that it was not unusual for a soldier to carry a portrait of his general.

    He wrote this :

    "It is not so very unusual to carry the picture of a highly beloved general with this individual. I have fieldletters from my Granddad (you remember him) home to Grandma with many places of mentioning his general Staenger, whom he must have known (with greetings to Mrs General Staenger via my Grandma). so again: no it is not unusual if your soldier highly esteems this General."

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    Well we have Felix Graf von Bothmer on the Eastern Front ... wonder if thats where "our soldier" met up with him ?? ... maybe that's why he admired him :)

    Bothmer took leadership of the Südarmee [Deutsch Süd Armee] on 7 July 1915 and retained command until 1918.

    [http://www.geocities.com/veldes1/bothmer.html ]

    German South Army (Südarmee), 1n 1915 consist[ed] of two Austrian divisions and four German divisions ... ( the orders of battle are here ..... )

    [http://www.geocities.com/veldes1/bohm.html ]


    And heres some snippets about his medals ! ....

    General der Infanterie Felix Graf von Bothmer 28 Jul 1917 German


    General der Infanterie Felix Graf von Bothmer 22 Nov 1915 War Decoration/German General

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    Thanks for the encouragement Andy. :)

    I only know about this soldier, literally, from what I've read on this thread so if you or anyone else wants to throw in any ideas, please do!! The more searchers the merrier.

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    You sure did. :)

    It just goes to show how people throwing ideas - no matter how silly they may seem* - around can help to get a better picture of what we are looking for.

    * I mean, who ever heard of a German general called Anthony as my first post suggested? ;)
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    That is a later photo than the one I linked to from Wikipedia. He not only looks older but has more gold around his collar and lots more medals (as Annie noticed :D ) and it does look more like your soldeir's souviner.

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    It appears that his father was a general in the Bavarian army and probably helped Bismark in the unification of Germany in 1870. Felix himself joined the army in 1871. So there would be a long military history there to carry around even if this soldier never served under him although I think he probably did.


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