Who is this man and where did he come from ?

Discussion in 'World War 1' started by Michel Knockaert, Dec 30, 2008.

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    Hi Annie

    I haven't stopped looking but have not had much time fue to w*rk. :mad: And I joined Michel in having my PC go kaput!

    Now that I can place the area thanks to Fritz's reply about the 5th Seaforths, I'm tryng to work out which Allied regiments were there so I can 'Kew' them.

    Hi Michel

    Good luck on Friday and I hope you get the autospy report.I also hope you're internet is back soon.

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    What a good man you are Glen !! :):)

    I think we've all been trying to catch up with life lately .... and I for one have lost the plot !! :rolleyes:

    I need to sit down and read through it again !!

    Good to see you back Michel ...... let us know as soon as you hear something !!

    Nosey Annie :D
  3. Hi Glen,

    and... welcome to "Kaput PC" club...:)

    the internet is back at home since a week and I have a new e-mail address, I PM your;

    Thank you for you good wishes for friday...

  4. Annie,

    Good to be back too... !:)
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    Can I just make an observation ? ........ our German soldier died with his boots on .... but the British and Portuguese didn't ....... were they stripped ?
  6. Hello Annie,

    I read somewhere that the German soldiers were very "interested" of British footwear, but it is just a guess ...:)

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    I think the time has come to spark this thread again !! :)

    Where are we up to Michel ? ...... has there been any new developments ??

    Annie :)
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    I've read this thread with interest; alas a year too late.

    My Great grandfather was a member of The King Edwards Horse, among my notes taken from their regimental diary, I found this information on this event.

    "April 1918 the King Edwards Horse (KEH) was part of the Fosse Bridgehead, with the 5th Seaforths and 1/6 Gordon Highlanders at Vielle Chapelle.

    The KEH fought continuosly from Noon on the 9th April to 1900 hrs on the 11th April, they were in action near Zelobes and were accountable for the deaths of 300 German Soldiers.

    The regiment had 1000 Portuguese troops with them, but proved of little help, they were seen to run through the lines in a blind panic, some had removed their footwear to enable them to run faster...

    The KEH lost 16 killed, including 2 officers, 59 wounded, 72 missing with 23 horses killed or missing.

    A letter from Lt-Gen Haking OC XI Corps was read out to the regiment, it stated

    "No regiment in the British Army has a finer achievement to its credit and no regiment has a finer record than yours. I saw Sir Douglas Haig yesterday and told him what you had done, He replied the King Edwards Horse has always done well and always will do well.
    I have been in France since the beginning of the war and I have never seen such finer types of soldier than I see among you and there are some fine types of soldiers in the British army"

    The KEH moved to Cantrainne on the 15th, on the 19th I DSO, 1 MC, 8 MM and 2 DCM were awarded to men of the regiment.

    Sadly the following week the whole regiment moved by rail to new positions, 500 yards on the Modane side of St Michel station at 12 midnight, they hit the Paris Express; 2 NCO's and 1 Trooper died along with 2 horses with a further 7 horses injured.
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    Hi Stirling and welcome !! :)

    It's never too late to add information !! :D what an interesting first post !

    Have you done a lot of research on your Great grandfather ?

    Annie :)
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    Hello Stirling

    I'll add to Annie's welcome :)

    As Annie said, it is never too late too join in!

    The full transcript of the War Diary for 1st King Edward's Horse for April 1918 is here (for anyone who hasn't read it , it is a good description of the chaos ensueing from the offensive)


    I have a few other War Diaries for regiments which were also involved in the battle of La Lys and worked with the KEH if you need any more information.

    I have some photos of the KEH Memorial in Vielle Chappelle but for the life of me, I cannot find them right now since I rebuiltt my PC over Christmas. I didn't delete them, I just moved them somewhere so safe I can't find them again. :eek:

    I will find them and post them for you or else I'll get some more when I revisit in early Feb.

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    Hi Annie

    Thanks for the welcome, I've done a little bit of research on 'Trooper Henry White' at the time of the Battle Of Lys he was an 'old boy' of 57 years, he had served with the Queen Bays (2nd Dragoon Guards) during the 1880/90's including active service in India, Aghanistan and Burma he had been promoted but according to family folklore had been busted back to Trooper after an affair with an Officers wife...

    After his regular service he was a reservist with the Queen Bays reserves, August 1914 he lied about his age (said he was 45 not 53 his actual age) and joined the 1st King Edwards Horse at Alexander Palace London, leaving his family (wife & 5 children) served in France with the KEH, apart from a spell in hospital, 1917/18, he spent the whole war in France, returning home in 1919.

    Apparently he tried to join the Home Guard in 1940, but he was in his 80's by then and was not accepted, he died of natural causes towards the end of WW2.

    Spof, I'd like to have a copy of the KEH memorial in Vielle Chappelle if available.

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    Hi Glenn

    I found them :D

    The first batch

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  13. spof

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    And the last few


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    Wonderful pictures Spof - thank you !!

    Nice to see all the flowers also in the cemetery ......

    Annie :)
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    Thanks Spof,

    The photographs are much appreciated!
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    Here's some photos of the "Les 8 Maisons" referred to in the war diary. First the crossroads (looking towards Fosse in the background)

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    Towards La Couture with the remains of a trench just visible in the field

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    Looking across more trench remains towards Locon (I think), lookingback down to the crossroads and another view towards Fosse.


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    Various maps of the area frm the 1st KEH War Diary for April 1918 from the NAtional Archives.

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    And the last few maps from the National Archives.

    I should be back in the area in a few weeks to check out another trench and a new blockhouse Michel discovered from the looking at the TNA maps but was overgrown in the summer when I was last there.

    Hope you enjoy them


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