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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Bob, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. Bob

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    From a young boy, I have had an interest in things military... but where to start?

    I did National Service in 1971-72. 18 months of this time was spent in Papua New Guinea and based at Igam Barracks. I had many opportunities to walk over some of the battlefields, both on duty and off duty. I already had some understanding of the value of the privilege I had been afforded. It was only when I returned to Australia, however, and took the time to read about the war in Papua and New Guinea that I really grasped what an opportunity I had.

    At the time, I was just on another patrol. As the years have passed, I have come to realise the real significance of the aluminium water bottle I kicked of the path somewhere near Komiatum, of the American helmet I picked up (and still have) on Mount Tambu, of the weapon pits off the track somewhere between Mubo and Salamaua, of the rusty Japanese helmets lined up at the base of a tree somewhere west of Lae and of the speed of the water flowing down the Busu River.

    Then there is my father-in-law Fred and his mates...
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    Welcome to the forum Bob.

    We must be the same age.

    Colonel Harrington, Colonel Cole, Colonel Walters during your time at Igam?

    Worked through PNG in the 90's. Dangerous place to be with most of the major towns on curfew except Wewak and those on Rabaul.

    Look forward to your posts.

    My dad was Fred, 6th Div Tobruk and most of his mates 9th Div. Sadly all gone now.
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    Glad to have you aboard Bob, enjoy the site.
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    Welcome Bob :)
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    Welcome to the forum Bob :D
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    Welcome Bob, I hope you enjoy yourself here.
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    Welcome Bob, may your stay be as happy as all our members

    Sniper :peep:
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    G'day Bob.



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    Thanks all, for your welcome.
  10. Bob

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    Thanks for your welcome, Spidge.

    We may have an interesting time comparing notes.

    Col Harrington was OC Lae Area, Igam Barracks when I arrived in June 71. He was replaced by Col Cole early 1972.

    I was posted as a Chalkie to PNG Military Cadet School. Major Jim Underwood was CO. Returned to Australia in Dec 72. Discharged Jan 73.

    Here's few names:

    Harry Patch
    Fred Morrison
    Clem Kealy
    Trevor McQinn
    Terry Egan
    John Cooper
    Jim Walters
    Walter Salamus
    Gaga Mamae
    Lang Kidby
  11. spidge

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    Hi Bob,

    I was not there in the 70's. The names I came across while doing research on the 11,000+ RAAF deaths during ww2. I am collecting the photo's of the Headstones and Memorials in 65 countries.

    The site is about former students who attended Lae high school and also lived at the barracks. You will probably find a lot of names you are familiar with! There is even a photo of Igam Barracks on page two.

    Papua New Guinea Forum - Igam Barracks or Lae High

    All the times I was in PNG, I never took an actual war Grave photo when I visited all of the cemeteries. Now I want them, I am not going up there any more.
  12. Bob

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    Hello Spidge,

    Thanks for the link to Igam. I trotted across to that forum and recognise many of the names. The photograph of the married quarters at Igam brings back memories. My wife was the daughter of a member of 183 Recce Flight operating out of Lae Airport at the time. The family's married quarter is one of the ones in the picture.

    A technical question: when I want to reply to a particular post in a thread but I don't need to included the history, what buttons do I click on?

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    Using the pencil on the right hand side gives you a quick reply.


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    Welcome Bob

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