When It All Comes Together (Gettysburg Research)

Discussion in 'Civil War' started by Kate, Dec 29, 2014.

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    I've mentioned often about the Gettysburg death roster I've been working on for a very long time now. Today something came together that makes the often tiring but always rewarding work of looking for personal info for more than 10,000 soldiers worthwhile.

    Years ago I read a book by a young girl from Gettysburg who helped at one of the field hospitals. She was 14 at the time. One of the many stories she told was of a man who was brought in after a caisson exploded as they were moving on the battlefield... and she pitied him so much after seeing how badly he was burned, and his other injuries.

    Tillie Pierce told of the man being conscious long enough to express regret that he had forgotten to read his Bible that day... and wondered what his wife and children would think of that fact. Tillie didn't know his name or anything about him.

    I do. :-( He was Pvt. John Begg with the 5th New York Independent Light Battery. Pvt. Begg was injured on 02 July and died on 07 July.
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    Sniff..... Great job Katie Lady!! You do have a habit of finding some pretty neat stuff.
    Now, for some more stuff you might be able to help with.
    My step daughter took us on a field trip to Mooresville, Ala. (about 20 min away) There was an old grave yard with some older stones in it. There were supposed to be about 1200 people buried there but there were only about 30 or so markers. When we got home the wife did a little research and found out that there was a major train derailment around that area. The trains were apparently carrying supplies with no troops aboard or major guards. The confederates swarmed the train but some Union troops were nearby and ran them off.

    Okay, what we are looking for is a town called Cottonville. (also around Morresville) It doesn't exist anymore and I thought you just might have a couple of maps that would show where the town used to be. (Hopefully not on a refuge of some sort) We are thinking about getting out the metal detector and do a little hunting of our own. Lot's of Civil War history around here. We can't mess around the cemetery though. Robin, (wife's daughter) nearly got busted the other day picking up a piece of flint next to the water. (near the graveyard) It seems that it is an archiological refuge and the flint isn't native to this area so.......Derned govmint carpetbaggin ranger _)_(*&*&&%. (ain't that a mess....I don't even curse...cuss maybe a little but curse ...definitely not!!) Anywho, again great job finding that name. Totally proud to call you a friend.

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