What would the world be like today if the Confederacy never rejoined?

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  1. What would be different today if there were two United States of America? Even if Lincoln had not been the one to abolish slavery, it would definitely have happened before 1900, just because times were changing. So I don't think that would have been an issue, but what would the South be like now?
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    Ah, you have shifted from History to Alternative-History or Speculative History -- the stuff of FICTION. There are web-site devoted to this topic. One of the best writers on this topic goes by the curious name of Harry Turtledove.

    And may I correct your error? Lincoln freed no slaves. That was done first by Major-general B.F. Butler, volunteer, Mass., in 1961 at Fort Monroe, when he made a legal decision (he was a lawyer) that slaves who left their owners and crossed into Union lines were labour and since labour could be of military use to the Secessionists, the slaves were Contraband and would not be returned. The next day a torrent of "Contrabands" started flooding Union lines.
  3. I am not trying to create a discussion about fiction. But you are right, it is speculative. But my true goal was to arouse people's minds to consider what the South was about. I was hoping to get some insight on Lincoln's (much debated) reasons for allowing the Civil War to continue, when most thought it could have been over in months. He would not let the war end without the complete surrender of the Confederacy, and a reunion. A lot of people thought it was best to let them go. Many hated him for it. This is why Booth called him a tyrant.
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    We would not be the United States of America. We would only be America. Racism would probably be worse than it is today. There would have been very little progress. People would stay on their sides. It's very interesting to think about, but it is still only speculative.

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