What would the US be like today?

Discussion in 'Civil War' started by cameronpalte, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. cameronpalte

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    ... if the civil war failed.

    Lets say the south with what was a blooming cotton industry managed to convince some European countries (France namely) to side with it and as a result it managed to defeat and then conquer the Union. What do you guys think the US would be like today. Do you think it would be the world power it currently is.
  2. skyblue

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    I guess the US would still be a world power today. Slavery would probably have ended in some other way, likely because it would have become economically unprofitable with the inventions that came into being. Maybe some of the more northerly states would now be Canadian provinces! Could that have been a possibility?
  3. blindwarrior

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    The capital wouldn't be in Washington, slavery would have lasted a bit longer, maybe till the early 20th century, other then that, I think pretty much everything would be the same. Things would have proceeded to unfold in the same manor, since the country and the people in it would have sill been the same.
  4. JimRainer

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    No, this would have probably been immediately followed by another Civil War where the Union would have been victorious.
  5. vashstampede

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    First, I don't believe South was capable of taking all of north even if south had won the war. They simply did not have the logistic and manpower required for such total take over.

    I like that idea lol.

    It is a possibility... as south attempt to take one northern state at a time, the remaining might want to join Canada for protection. Or maybe the British will see it as an opportunity to retake some of their former colonies in the name of assisting the south. After all, Confederation was trading cotton for weapons with England.
  6. Haywood

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    Don't forget that the Civil War was not just about slavery. It was about the right of each individual state to make its own choices. The issue happened to be slavery. Another issue would have come along had the issue not been slavery. People are stubborn, and southerners still don't like outsiders trying to tell them what to do.

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