What was my Grandad doing in 1917 to 1920

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    I have my grandads army pay book with the details that this gives. I am new to this field and would like help to find out what he did in the war and imediately after it.
    Date of attestatation was 16/1/1917 and discharged on 19/4/1920.
    He was in C Battery 108th Army Brigade RFA
    36th Reserve Battery RFA.
    His army No 232390 and was ranked as a driver.
    I do know he was billeted in Konsdorf in Germany in 1919 from a photo of him.
    Can anyone help with the history of my grandads unit or areas where ishould be looking.


  2. Peter T Davis

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    This would have been an artillery unit, I believe.
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    thanking both of you for your assistance

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