What Squadrons were these RAF Aussies in when they died.

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    Need help with the Squadrons these Aussies were in when they died.
    These were Aussies in the RAF however their Posting at Death does not appear on the CWGC site. Can anyone assist or let me know where I can find the info?

    BISHOP, FREDERICK ALAN Pilot Officer 41821 14/09/1939
    REYNOLDS, MICHAEL VINCENT Pilot Officer 41617 2/01/1940
    EDGAR, ALLAN MATHESON Pilot Officer 41270 26/03/1940
    BROWN, JOHN ROLAND Flying Officer 39370 12/05/1940
    BURRASTON, JACK CLARENCE Pilot Officer 42379 6/07/1940
    MUNDAY, WYNTON SCOTT Flying Officer 40637 17/10/1940
    DAWSON, ERIC HENRY Flying Officer 41384 10/11/1940
    WARD, MAURICE Sergeant 641509 28/11/1940
    BALDRY, KENNETH ALDRED Sergeant 741301 12/12/1940
    JOSEPH, HAROLD WALTER HARRIS Leading Aircraftman 956834 17/12/1940
    NEVETT, HORACE ARTHUR Pilot Officer 86701 16/02/1941
    EVANS, ANDREW HAROLD SARGENT Sergeant 741895 19/02/1941
    COOGAN, JAMES STEPHEN Leading Aircraftman 1252908 7/03/1941
    FORBES, IAN SIM Leading Aircraftman 655051 7/07/1941
    OLDMAN, LEONARD HENRY Sergeant 931979 9/10/1941
    YOUNG, LEO Aircraftman 2nd Class 1281411 22/11/1941
    BOWMAN, ALAN MCDONALD (DFC & Bar) Wing Commander 32138 30/11/1941
    RIES, WILLIAM EDWARD Pilot Officer 109327 21/01/1942
    FALKINER, LEIGH BRERETON SADLEIR Leading Aircraftman 1384158 12/02/1942
    TONGUE, EDWIN (MM) Flying Officer 116822 14/02/1942
    DAVEY, JOHN JAMES Sergeant 400751 21/02/1942
    PAULSEN, JOHN MCKECHNIE Pilot Officer 109325 5/03/1942
    McCLAUGHRY, WILFRED ASHTON (CB) (DSO) (MC) (DFC) (MID 3) Air Vice Marshal 4/01/1943
    ALLAN, JAMES Sergeant 1251427 3/02/1943
    SORENSEN, DERRICK RALPH Flight Sergeant 1313849 7/08/1943
    JACKSON, RONALD CHARLES Leading Aircraftman 992747 28/12/1943
    SHETLIFFE, RUSSELL BARTON REMINGTON Flying Officer 100156 2/01/1944
    PRICE, JAMES ALFRED Flying Officer 125472 22/01/1944
    HARDIE, ROSS Warrant Officer 902422 17/05/1944
    TILL, ERNEST FLEETWOOD STREET Flying Officer 157020 20/06/1944
    SHEPPARD, JOHN MCMASTER Flight Lieutenant 101116 15/09/1944
    TAYLOR, FRANK RICHARD Leading Aircraftman 976583 20/09/1944
    CRESSEY, STANLEY WEBB Flying Officer 120083 11/07/1945
    SMITH, VERNON HOPETOUN Flying Officer 117114 21/07/1945
    HATHWAY, JACK WILLIAM Sergeant 1054471 19/09/1945
    PARKER, VINCENT Flight Lieutenant 42356 29/01/1946
    CONWAY, JAMES PATRICK Squadron Leader 31428 26/10/1946

    EDIT by Kyt: Spidge, I have started highlighting the names that have been completed in red for easy reference
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    Hawker Audax K7479
    13 Fighter Training School
    Flew into hill near East Linton, East Lothian

    P/O 41821 Frederick Alan Bishop 23 (pilot) killed.
    P/O 41827 Keith Bartram Chiazzari 19 (pilot) killed
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    Battle L4980 105 Squadron

    Night flying training exercise. Crashed west of Cheniers. Edgar and Pettit had joined the squadron in December, and Jones had been with the squadron since April 1937

    Pilot Officer (Pilot) Allan M. Edgar, RAF 41270 (Australia), 105 Sqdn., age 27, 26/03/1940
    Sergeant (Obs.) Hugh E. Pettit, RAF 580495, 105 Sqdn., age 20
    Corporal (W. Op.) Alexander E. Jones, RAF 531577, 105 Sqdn., age 22
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    BROWN, JOHN ROLAND Flying Officer

    Hurricane Mk I P2807 on a Transfer flight

    Crashed attempting forced-landing 10 miles north of Coulommiers during ferry flight, cause unknown.

    Cull's Twelve Days in May states

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    * CWGC has July

    AWM Collection Record: P05065.001 - Studio portrait of 42379 Pilot Officer (PO) Jack Clarence Burraston. He was one of a small number of Australians sent to train as a pilot with the RAF and war was declaired while he was enroute ...

    Cannot find unit or aircraft yet
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    MUNDAY, WYNTON SCOTT Flying Officer

    Wellington L4259 15 OTU

    T/O Hampstead Norris for circuit practice. At 11.05, while on the downwind leg of the circuit, the port engine burst into flames and shortly afterwoods the Wellington stalled and dived into the ground. Both pilots lie in Harwell Cemetery.

    Chorley Vol 7

    F/O W S Mundy
    Sgt G T Watt
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    DAWSON, ERIC HENRY Flying Officer

    Blenheim R3753 114 Squadron
    Mission against airfields

    T/O from Oulton. Shot down by fighters off the Dutch coast, may have been claimed by Uffz Ludwig Zweigart, 9./JG545. All killed

    F/O E H Dawson
    Sgt J R G Lamb
    Sgt W White
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    Well done Kyt,

    Couldn't do this without your expertise.

    The other 4 RAAF at Harwell were 15 OTU as well however I could not take a guess!

    I have all the grave photos from Harwell however didn't know about this one at the time.....................
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    This was covered a few days ago on rafcommands:

    Tiger Moth T5422 Unit was 10 EFTS; flew into sea while low flying 1 mile S of Brean Down (Bristol Channel); crew drowned.

    Baldry was Instructor and pupil was LAC (Pilot u/t) Roderick G.L. MacKENZIE - 1104259

    Unaccounted airmen - 12-12-1940 - RafCommands Forums
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    From an old rafcommands thread:

    Magister R1813

    24 EFT ORB (AIR 29/621) : Luton
    P/O H A Nevett, whilst instructing A/LA Batten (Hatten?), crashed at Streatley, both Instructor and pupil sustaining injuries.
    16/2/41 P/O H A Nevett died in Luton & Dunstable Hospital as a result of injuries received on 10.2.41.
    1180 : Cat W (all) (no fire). 1K, 1I. Streatley, Beds. 11.00hrs. Flt. authorised by instructor. No indication of exercise being carried out.
    Low flying (100ft) with flaps down, turned into wind, loosing ht. on turn, turned down wind, stalled and wing hit ground.
    Pilot carrying out a steep turn with flaps down & insuff. power, resulting in a stall, with insuff. ht. to recover. Recom. that low flying on type with flaps down should not be taught & instructions issued to this effect.

    <CENTER><img src= "http://www.rafcommands.com/rafcommandsbanner.gif"><BR> - "P/O H.A. Nevett - 86701"
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    Baldry was buried at Burnham cemetery in Somerset.

    Interesting that I am 12,000 miles away asking the same/similar question.
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    Whiley Z6750 19 OTU

    T/O Kinloss for night bombing practice over the Tain range. Failed to return at its scheduled time. No other details

    Sgt E H Brace
    Sgt P Kelly RCAF (An American from Cleveland)
    Sgt L H Oldman
    Sgt G W Gray

    Whitely T4144 was also also lost on this exercise when it was struck by a bomb!
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    RIES, WILLIAM EDWARD Pilot Officer

    He is reported as Killed on Active Service, which may mean that he was caught up in an air-raid on Singapore. He is listed as Adminstrative & Special Duties Branch in the LG, so not aircrew.

    Interestingly he was commissioned with a whole bunch of Australians on the same date:

    The undermentioned Australians to be Plt.Offs. on prob. (emergency): —
    7th Nov. 1940.
    Colin Andrew MacDonald ANDERSON (60158).
    Edward Salmon BEACHCROFT (60159).
    Charles Robinson COLEMAN (60160).
    Stanley Royston Cox (60161).
    Broughton Gordon EDGELL (60162).
    Clyde William Kay ELLEM (60163).
    Richard Ross FENNER (60165).
    Francis Cuthbert FRANCIS (60166).
    Alexander James Muir FABIAN (60164).
    Archdall Owen GAZE (60167).
    William Stanley Alfred GILES (60168).
    George Anderton GRANT (60169).
    .Harold Edgar HAYTER (60590).
    James August HILLIER (60170).
    Algernon Victor JENTSCH (60171).
    Arthur Ernest KURING (60591).
    Michael Alexander Addison KIRKPATRICK (60173).
    Ralf Haliburton Crossley LAIDLAW (60174).
    Cecil Vaughan NYREN (60176).
    Leonard Edmund Arthur ROBINSON (60177).
    John Henry TONKIN (60179).
    Ernest Edward TYLER (60180).
    Thomas WELHAM (60181).
    Vivian Hastings YOUNG (60182).
    Thomas Joseph Kevin STARR (60178). I7th Nov. 1940.
    William Roy HEATON (61336). 1st Feb. 1941.
    Eric Walwyn Ormsby MARTIN (63873). 3rd Mar. 1941.
    Hugh GARRETT (66051). 28th Mar. 1941.

    16th Apr. 1941.
    Geoffrey CARROLL (101105).
    Stanley Bickford HARRY (101106).
    Cyril Christian KISSNER (101107).
    James Joseph MCNAMARA (101108).
    Arthur Ernest PEARL (101109).
    Harold Sidney PREECE (lomo).
    Leslie Thomas Henry SIMON (101111).
    George Francis STEEPER (101112).

    24th Apr. 1941.
    Herbert Frederick BARCLAY (109310).
    Guy Norman BORTON (109311).
    Gilbert Tootal BROADHURST (109312).
    Hugh Mason BEATTY (101113).
    Clifford Harding BROWNE (117125).
    Stanley Webb CRESSEY (120083).
    Hector Claude FERGUSON (118150).
    John Joseph GRAY (101114).
    Herbert Bassett GROVES (109336).
    John GRAINGER (109334).
    Ernest Henry GUNDRY (120081).
    Herbert Phillip HORNE (110117).
    Hilton Harcourt HARRIS (101115).
    Lawrence George ROBINSON (109328).
    William Edward RIES (109327).
    John McMaster SHEPPARD (101116).
    David William TWEDDLE (101117).
    Kenneth Eyre Inverell WALLACE-CRABBE (109306).

    25th Apr. 1941.
    George Rupert Francis BURLINSON (109314).
    Mark Ernest DAVIS (117124).
    Arthur Noel FINLAY (109332).
    Hector Francis Hamilton KABLE (109320).
    Barnett Norman WEEKES (109330).

    11th May 1941.
    Gilbert Edward ALLEN (117040).
    George Doughty ARNOLD (117041).
    Lindsay Lyle Spier BARR (117044).
    Geoffrey Charles BARNARD (117043).
    Harry William CLOSTER (117046).
    Alexander George COOMBES (117048).
    Ian Francis DARROCH (117051).
    Douglas Stowte DATE (117052).
    Lyndhurst Sydney DAVIS (117054).
    Norman Henry DICK (117055).
    Alfred John ELSON-SMITH (117059).
    Valentine Gilbert EMPEY (117060).
    Arthur Vicary EVANS (117062).
    Alexander Longmuir GREGG (117071).
    John Patrick GLOSTER (117068).
    Ernest Robertson GLOVER (117069).
    Edward Harry GOODGER (117070).
    Francis Peter HENNESSY (117077).
    Kenneth McBride HORWOOD (117078).
    Stephen HALLAM (117079).
    Edgar Ross HENNING (117080).
    Keith Wilfred HAMILTON (117076).
    Charles Stewart JOHNSTONS (117087).
    John Archer Proctor KAINES (117092).
    Colin Henry KEON-COHEN (117093).
    Ernest Gilbert KROME (117094).
    Harold Charles Roy MARTEN (117099).
    Aubrey Richard MACLEAN (108805).
    Charles Stewart MURRAY (117102).
    Glenorchy McBRiDE (117101).
    Claud William NEWMAN (117103).
    Robert Granville RUNNALLS (117107).
    John Wolseley STRONG (117116).
    Hector Hope TRESTRAIL (117117).
    Herbert Harman WILSON (117123).
    Arthur Herbert WARD (117118).

    I7th May 1941.
    Albert Newburn Mervyn BAY (117045).
    Walter Leonard CROSSING (117050).
    Walter GRANDISON (117072).
    Cyril Archibald GANNAWAY (117073).
    Norman John Wasley HARVEY (117081).
    John Hamilton ROBERTSON (117108).
    Wilton Herbert SIDES (117112).
    Vernon Hopetown SMITH (117114).

    21st May 1941.
    Arthur Isaac ATTENBORROW (117042).
    Gavin William O'Brien COBCROFT (117047).
    Peter Walter CORNWALL (117049).
    Harold Victor DAVIES (117053)-
    Charles Ray DUNLOP (117056).
    Kenneth Percival Du RIEU (117057).
    Kenneth Lyle EDWARDS (117058).
    Rowland James EVAN (117061) .
    John FAURE (117064).
    Victor George FALL (117063).
    Walter Alan FRASER (117067).
    William Stewart FERGUSON (117065).
    George Ronald GAYFER (117074).
    Noel Sealy GRIFFIN (117075).
    Warwick Leigh HARBUTT (117082).
    Geoffrey Buckhurst Stephen HART (117083).
    David William HAWTHORNE (117084).
    Cyril Alexander IRONSIDE (117085).
    David Samuel ISAACS (117086).
    Allan Henry JENKINS (117088).
    Mogens Hervard JESSEN (117089).
    John Ralph JUKES (117090).
    William Oswald JENNINGS (117091).
    Walter Lister KERR (117095).
    Norman Charles LENEHAM (117096).
    Clive Vernon LEY (117097).
    Ian LINDEN-ROMER (117098).
    Angus Graeme MACPHERSON (117100).
    Harold Russell NOLAN (117104).
    Francis O'SULLIVAN (117105) .
    Roy McRae PATTIE (117106).
    Hugh Gordon RANDELL (117109).
    Walter Syblea ROWLAND (117110)
    Kenneth Bexfield READY (117111).
    Walter George SIMPSON (117113).
    William SOPWITH (117115).
    Alan McLeod WARD (117119).
    Edwin Richards WHEEN (117120).
    Cecil Morrison WHITE (117121).
    Gordon Stanley Cunningham WILLIAMS (117122).
    Percy Henry FORDHAM (117066). 23rd May 1941.
    Douglas Nelson LINNETT (118089). 5th June 1941.

    The undermentioned Australians to be Actg. Plt. Offs. on prob. (emergency): —
    15th May 1941.
    Hallett Robertson BARTLETT (102307).
    Frederick Thomas CLEARY (103090).
    Ralph Arnold FREMLIN (103091).
    Edgar Charles GAIN (102308).
    Richard Thornton HOOD (110027).
    Harold Vienna HIGBY (102311).
    Francis HAINS (102309).
    James Alexander HENDERSON (102310).
    George Francis JOHNSTON (117588).
    Donald Macrae Stewart MATHESON (102312).
    Charles Donovan RATH (103092).
    Francis Donald SHORT (102313).
    Sadler Joseph SMITH (102314).
    Frederick Harry SOUTHEY (102315).
    Thomas Joseph THORP (102316).
    Edwin George WOOD (117605).
    Norman Markus WILSON (103093).

    5th June 1941.
    George Statham AINSWORTH (117579).
    Lionel De Vere BURFORD (117578).
    Kenneth Maurice CANVIN (117576).
    Herbert Roberts CAMERON-WALLER (117577).
    James Basil DOWELL (117575).
    Harry Bruce Carvil EVANS (117574).
    Alfred Howard GREENHAM (117573).
    Clifford Bernard HANSEN (117586).
    John Gidley HOWDEN (117587).
    Dysart William Essington KING (117589).
    Norman MACDOUGALL (117595).
    James Patrick MARDLING (117591).
    Tom MOTTRAM (117592).
    Albert Walton MIDDLEDITCH (117593).
    William Francis MCEGAN (117596).
    Aubrey MAURER (117590).
    Louis George MCDERMOTT (117594).
    John Mawdesley NASH (117597).
    William Wadham PRENTICE (117600).
    Reginald Clair PYBUS (117599).
    Alan Lyle ROE "(117602).
    Herbert Leonard .STOREY (117603).
    George Dinsdale THOMPSON (117604).
    Robert Phillip Elder WEBSTER (119359).
    Aubrey Stanfield NORRIS (117598). 11th June 1941
    John Lindsay PHILLIPS (117601) 12th June 1941.
    Frank Lindsey WORTH -(120082). 30th June 1941.
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    TONGUE, EDWIN (MM) Flying Officer

    He was in the Admin & SD Branch which means that he was in one of the ground units. The date of his death is ominous because that is the date of the massacre of the wounded by the Japanese in Singapore. Other than that it is not possible to establish exact unit at the time.

    Rather spooky that another Edwin Tongue diedon this date, not too far away:

    Initials: E
    Nationality: United Kingdom
    Rank: Civilian
    Regiment/Service: Civilian War Dead
    Date of Death: 14/02/1942
    Additional information: at Pom Pong Island.
    Casualty Type: Civilian War Dead
    Reporting Authority: SUMATRA
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    DAVEY, JOHN JAMES Sergeant

    Hampden AT181 455 Squadron on an Intruder mission

    T/O 18.45 from Wigsley for a nuisance raid in SW Germany. Lost without trace. All are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial.

    Sgt J R Moody
    P/O A T Daly
    Sgt J J Davey
    Sgt C R Scott RAAF
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    That is truly spooky as you say.

    Can he be traced through his (MM)?

    Flying Officer EDWIN TONGUE
    M M

    116822, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
    who died age 43
    on 14 February 1942
    Son of Samuel and Sarah Ellen Tongue; husband of Elsie Tongue, of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
    Remembered with honour
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    He didn't receive his MM in WW2m and there are two possible candidates for WW1:

    Medal card of Tongue, Edwin
    Corps: Scottish Rifles
    Regiment No: 40349
    Rank: Corporal

    Medal card of Tongue, Edwin
    Corps: Young Mens Christian Association

    And it seems more likely that he wasn't Australian but married to an Ayustralian
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