what is the most impressive war in the history of america?

Discussion in 'Revolutionary War' started by carolgreen299, Sep 16, 2012.

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    Jim, You are a proving my point about the danger of mob rule. Look at what you are saying! I'm not like "everyone else," you say? So, I am a whining minority?

    The Democrats in the country really are revealing their true colors these days. Keep talking.

    People need to see how you attack your presumed opposition.

    You are a collectivist of the worst kind and based on your behavior here you represent everything wrong with our Republic. I am an individualist and I think our country was founded on the principles of individual rights, not just for some, but for all individuals living here.

    I am not a conservative, so stop calling me that. It makes you look stupid. Both major parties are corrupt to the core. You are the one leveling personal attacks at me just because I use a phrase so appropriate for the government the Progressives on both sides of the aisle have built for the last hundred years: the nanny state. You can say that a big government is needed, which is a ridiculous pragmatic argument, but the fact remains that we haven't the means to economically sustain it. That much should be clear to all.
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    Again the use of the term nanny state. We're rejecting the social darwinism that you advocate. Progression is good. Regression is idiotic. You fear the future because it isn't the future you want. Well, that's just too bad. You're not a conservative? You sound like one so wear the tag whether you like it or not.
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    Oh, "we" are? Such bullying behavior, hiding behind your collective, the Progressive movement. Bringing such gems as eugenics, the welfare state and failed public schools to our country for the last hundred years. I do fear for the future. Is there no historian here to shed light on these issues? Are there no defenders of individual rights here, except myself?
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    Ah, the claims of bullying. In other words the results of a democratically elected government representing the people that isn't doing what you want it to do. It doesn't represent your interests. The people reject your beliefs so therefore you're being bullied. I am a historian. If you would take the time to look back at the real past and not the fictional one advocated by libertarians you would see that the US was not founded on the principles of individual rights, but rather a mixture of those and the group rights. Mandates for the entire country were passed by the first Congresses. Individual rights were guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. It wasn't one or the other. It was both.

    You're just going to have to face the truth that this country operates on a democratic basis and not a rule by the elite.
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    Again, you fail. I am no libertarian. You can call yourself a historian, Jim, but your "rendition" of history is tainted by your socialistic and collectivist claim of the legitimacy of majority rule. Tyranny is evil and the antithesis of all that our country was founded on - no matter if it is democratically decided upon as was the case in Nazi Germany and today in Egypt and as you are demonstrating, in our country today. This is what the country chose: bullying and hatred for the minority. Your venom is on full display. This is the Democratic Party of 2013 - unveiled and empowered to stomp down dissent. Bravo!
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    "Impressive?" Being a combat veteran and career US Army officer myself (formerly active duty, now Reserves), I can say without qualification there is nothing impressive about war.
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    First define your criteria for the term "impressive".

    For most of the history of the US it was policy to have only a minimal standing army, so each time the country went to war the first task was to re-make the army. The navy was another matter, though it, too, suffered in peacetime.

    I am "impressed" by the 1808 war with Algeria.
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    I have to say the revolutionary war. America earned its independence from Britain, the most powerful military at the time of the war. the US was filled with minutemen and US/native american soldiers very skilled at guerrilla warfare. Britain was no match for this because it was a warfare that they have never seen before.

    but the worst war america had to face was probably against vietman. that war was so long and just sucked uo money to count as a big fat loss or fall back.
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    Obviously the American Revolution. Took a lot of courage to take on a powerhouse at the time, which was the British empire. The American patriots really took a huge chance taking them on. And all our brilliant philosophers and statesmen that grew out of that era really laid the foundation for this wonderful country of ours. It's not perfect by any stretch but the colonists that broke off from England started it all. And all of the wonderful things that America has contributed to the world, all the innovations of capitalism, all the prosperity, all the lifting of people out of poverty throughout the world, and the defeat of the evils of communism and fascism all came as a result of the heroic work of our founding fathers and those that came before them. Truly remarkable.
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    To a lot of people who referred to the revolution war, there is something you must know. The French played a much larger role in the decisive defeat of the British than what the propaganda has been letting on. Some of the largest engagements had the French as the leading role in the battle. The French and the British both had hundreds of artillery in each of these major engagements, while the revolutionists had 20 or 30 tops. The British surrendered to the revolutionists just to humiliate the French not because the revolutionists defeated them.

    I can totally understand what you mean.
    I believe the OP chose the wrong word. By "impressive", he probably mean the biggest victory or the most successful war fought by the US.

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