what is the most impressive war in the history of america?

Discussion in 'Revolutionary War' started by carolgreen299, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. carolgreen299

    carolgreen299 New Member

    what is the most impressive war in the history of america? And share your ideas with us ,that will be so appreciated.
  2. pilot2fly

    pilot2fly Member

    The Revolutionary War, by far. This is how we became a country. We were tired of the unfair English taxes and we had enough. The Boston Tea Party was a notable event because since tea was so highly taxed, we dumped it in Boston Harbor to prove a point. It was a long and bloody war, but we won. Imagine if we hadn't. We might still be under English control today.
  3. novasparker

    novasparker New Member

    I have to agree here. Once again, there were people who had decided to be courageous enough to say "enough is enough" and took a stand. This war is the very reason we live in such a great country today, flaws and all. We live an incredible life, based on the freedoms that these men fought for and that we still fight for today. This was a pivotal war for all of us. It was a terrible war and many men lost their lives, but they did it for a cause, something that they believed in and they would be proud of what they would see today because of their sacrifices.
  4. vashstampede

    vashstampede Active Member

    From what I understand, French military played a much bigger role in Revolutionary War than common folks are led to believe. A few battle statistics were giving clear hint that French were the main reason for the defeat of British. I forgot which battle it was, in that particular important battle, the statistics said British had hundreds of artillery, French also had hundreds artillery, while the Americans had only 20 or so...

    I have also heard the British forces surrendered to the Americans just to humiliate the French, not because the Americans were behind their defeat.
  5. pilot2fly

    pilot2fly Member

    This is true vash. We did work alongside the French to defeat the British. They played a big role in it as well. I wonder why they were so willing to help us.
  6. vashstampede

    vashstampede Active Member

    It's because the French and the British were enemies for generations...they had been like that for 1,000 years.
    Enemy's enemy is my friend. It was that simple. The French saw a chance to weaken the British Empire by helping a large colony to break way and gain independence. I very much doubt they would "invest" so much resources into the war just to "lets do a good thing"... that would be silly lol.
  7. pilot2fly

    pilot2fly Member

    Haha that's true vash. I see your point. Overall I think the French did see this as a way to topple the British empire. They succeeded in some ways as well.
  8. gloine36

    gloine36 Member

    If it had not been for French aid we would not have gained independence as a whole nation. New England might have, but the rest of the colonies would have folded, especially the South. The French supplied about 90% of the arms and munitions used by Americans at Saratoga. Had they not done so the British would have won that campaign. The entry of France in the war caused the British to send half of their troops in America to the West Indies immediately on receipt of the declaration of war in 1778. HALF! The British valued the West Indies far more than the American colonies.
  9. Vladimir

    Vladimir Siberian Tiger

    In return you should have helped them to liberate Quebec and Newfoundland. Just kidding.. :p
  10. ShamarV8

    ShamarV8 New Member

    WWII does it for me simply because of the Battle of Normandy. The famous landings at Normandy in order to bring Allied troops into France. This day, also known as D-Day, marked the beginning of the Allied counterattack in Europe and saw both massive casualties and great bravery on the part of the landing soldiers

  11. Alex19

    Alex19 New Member

    In my opinion, the most impressive war in the history of America is definitely the Revolutionary War. It was the decisive moment and the moment when a great civilization has been born. They said NO to England and their taxes and built a great country.
  12. skyblue

    skyblue Active Member

    One thing that fascinates me about the Revolutionary War is that it was planned and executed by amazing thinking men, who really tried to give us a good start. They were educated in history and political theory. This sets us apart because we are basically founded on the principle of individual liberty! I am amazed at the founders wisdom. It wasn't some kind of riot, but was a well thought out revolution set on establishing a country based on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
  13. tripletaker

    tripletaker New Member

    The most impressive war would be the Revolutionary War because it established a type of government that was simply unheard of back in the days. It was unthinkable to have the people rule. Up until then, it was always the educated/rich aristocrats who would rule because all the peasants were simply uneducated and not suited for ruling. It also set up the standard for "general prosperity" which leads to today's higher standard of life all over the world. This war created a chain reaction all over the world where more emphasis was placed on the people rather than just the rich elite class.
  14. JimRainer

    JimRainer New Member

    I gotta go with the Civil War. It was the first time democracy truly didn't work because there was a 50/50 yes/no on every decision. It tested the strength of the Federal Government against State Rights.
  15. skyblue

    skyblue Active Member

    Democracy never works in the long term. It is a form of mass rule in which the majority dictate the life or death of the minority. What you, Jim Rainer, describe is direct democracy which we never had and hopefully, never will in the US. Our Constitutional Republic is much better and allows for checks and balances to keep the masses from ever taking full control of the Republic while keeping government small and manageable and acting as the backer of individual rights. At least that is supposed to be the way it works. The more we move toward democracy the worse off we become with the majority voting to steal from one class to redistribute to the preferred classes: government and it's favored groups and businesses. (Crony-capitalism and Socialistic favoritism.) I hope we can continue as a Republic. That said, it is a good thing that slavery was ended, as this corrected a basic flaw in our foundation.
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  16. gloine36

    gloine36 Member

    I disagree, Skyblue. Democracy does work and has done so repeatedly in American history. It is not perfect, but I think Thomas Jefferson was right in being one of the few Founders who saw Democracy as being the best tool for the people to use. Understand that while Jefferson was also a Republican (in the eyes of that era, not the modern Republican Party and definition used today) he felt that Democracy was also another form of the checks and balances which John Adams nor most of the other Founders, and for that matter pretty much all of the men at the Constitutional Convention (of which neither Adams nor Jefferson was present at) did not take into consideration.

    Far too many people want to use what Alexis De Tocqueville said about how Democracy worked (which by the way derives from a very inferior translation of his book) and that it would result in the masses voting themselves whatever they wanted. That has not occurred. If anything the opposite has occurred with Democracy not voting themselves bread and circuses. The rhetoric saying otherwise has been when an elite class has wished not to give up power or to act unfavorably towards their interests.

    That was the case in 1860 when the power of Democracy resulted in the election of Abraham Lincoln as president of the United States. The issue of slavery and its expansion westward was first and foremost in the minds of the Southern elites class who had lost that election and were fearful over the erosion of their political powerbase and economic base of their wealth. Lincoln could not end slavery and they knew that. However, he could end the westward expansion of slavery which would be the death knell of the slavocracy and they understood that. Thus, they took action which was in the form of secession. Even that action was not unanimous and was the knee jerk reaction of a minority using their political power to make the majority do their bidding.

    No, Democracy is a wonderful thing as long as it works within the system of checks and balances that we have in our Republican form of government. In that regard John Adams helped devise the bicameral system (borrowed it is more apt) along with the tripartite branch system. He just did not allow for Democracy which Jefferson did. The result has been a good result with some hitches along the way, but in the case of 1860 and the Civil War it wasn't Democracy that was the problem, but rather the elites refusing to adhere to the American political system that was the problem.
  17. skyblue

    skyblue Active Member

    But the masses are voting themselves goodies out of the pockets of productive citizens right now. We can see the effects of majority rule all around us. And not just here. What about all the democratically elected tyrants through-out history, or the democratically elected governments that came to power during the Arab Spring who are right now murdering women, gays and Christians or going back further, what about Socrates? We were never meant to be a Democracy and the more we become one the worse off political minorities become for the masses will vote to kill them even if it is one stolen dollar at a time - for now. If we allow it to grow the blood will flow. We are in complete disagreement on this issue, Jim. BTW - I didn't say the Civil War had anything to do with Democracy. That the movement toward Democracy has grown since that time is indisputable, and an evil perpetuated by those that would see the Republic ended in favor of a more Progressive system.
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  18. gloine36

    gloine36 Member

    Only if you believe in the rightwing rhetoric that is completely illogical while relying on opinion rather than fact. The American people voted in this recent election to reject a fictional American exceptionalism. We have a check and balance system that many other countries don't have. In the Arab countries you bring up the same things were happening to different groups and they certainly weren't democracies nor are these. If you're looking for what's wrong in the world it isn't Democracy. Especially in the United States.
    The irony of your idea is odd since it was the minorities that won this recent election by creating an inclusive political ideology. The conservative ideology has been a disaster for the country repeatedly.
    I doubt we will agree on this. However, this is the US and we're not going to get rid of Democracy because it does work. Just because the rich people of America who finance the conservative mouthpieces like the Heritage Foundation or FreedomWorks are paying to have their interests advanced doesn't mean they are correct. Don't forget, many of the great nations and empires collapsed because of their finances...when the people with the money exempted themselves from paying taxes. It created a diminishing revenue system. We're seeing the people with money trying to exempt themselves today and the problems their exemptions have caused.
    You may consider Democracy an evil, but I would bet money you would say otherwise had Romney and the Republicans won the elections.
  19. skyblue

    skyblue Active Member

    You would lose your money on that bet. And, I am no conservative, just because I see how democracies have always played out. If you think political minorities win in a democracy then you are deluded. The only interests that have been advanced of late are the interests of the bloated and bankrupt nanny state. Again, we are in disagreement. I'll not argue with you further as I can see you are not interested in debate but rather prefer casting dispersions and accusations at those that disagree with you.
  20. gloine36

    gloine36 Member

    When I see someone use the words nanny state I understand that they are a political minority whining about the fact that their interpretation of America isn't the one everyone else uses. I wouldn't lose my money on the bet because it's pretty obvious why you don't like Democracy...you can't win elections because your opinions are not part of the majority nor are they likely to become part of the majority. The size of American government exists because of the need for it to exist. You may prefer for it to be smaller, but would it be better? I don't think so. I too have no interest in arguing with you because there is nothing to debate that involves factually based history, but rather a delusional and utterly false interpretation of American History.

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