What if soldiers hadn't been so excited?

Discussion in 'Civil War' started by cameronpalte, Aug 9, 2012.

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    Many people went off to war during the Civil War because they were excited to be off too war or fighting in a place they had neverbeen befre because many hadn't even travelled 10 miles away from their house before. Do you think if soldiers ahdn't been so excited or known how it would of been that their wouild of been less soldiers and as a result a quicker war or less deaths?
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  3. JoAnn

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    I am sure many men would have hesitated to sign up if they knew what they were in for. This would be true for most, if not all wars. Young men are traditionally eager for excitement and adventure and the military is quick to take advantage of this. I am sure most of them typically saw themselves as becoming great war heroes and returning to adoring and grateful friends and relatives. The reality of war must have been a shock to many.

    Whether there would have been a quicker war if fewer had joined up, is hard to say, but I suppose if no one was willing to fight, there would have been no war.

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