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    These are brave soldiers and aviators we know very little about ! can anybody enlighten us ?

    D.C.M. for Bersham soldier

    Lance Corporal Joseph Evans Roberts, of the London Regiment, and son of Mr Isaac Roberts, Bersham, has been awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal. Some time ago we published a stirring story of his rescue of an officer while under fire, and his bravery has now been recognised.

    Extracts taken from Wrexham Advertiser, June 10 1916

    Hero wounded twice but carried on fighting

    How a Broughton soldier met his death in the present great push provides a stirring narrative of British pluck and bravery. The hero concerned was Pte. Hywel Price, of the RWF, and a native of Bwlchgwyn.
    Pte Price was wounded, but after having his wound dressed, he returned to the trench. He was again wounded, and stubbornly refused to be conveyed to safety, he again returned to the fray. The third time, however, he was fatally wounded, and died in a short time. The deceased soldier was recommended for gallantry.

    Extracts taken from Wrexham Advertiser, August 5 1916

    DSC for Wrexham man

    Pte T Jones, RWF, of Colemere-street, Wrexham, has just been awarded the Distinguished Service Certificate on which is inscribed the following "On 10th July 1916 in Mametz Wood, this man with three others maintained a gallant defence against a counter attack by the Germans when other troops had fallen back. This gallant action saved a critical situation, and he was a fine example to his comrades."

    Extracts taken from Wrexham Advertiser, October 6 1917

    Ruabon Naval Officer's daring deeds

    Naval Flight Commander Howard Saint of the Royal Naval Air Service has been decorated with the Distinguished Service Cross. The official record of the deeds which merited this high honour is as follows: "For conspicuous bravery in attacking superior formations of enemy aircraft on 21st and 23rd September last. He has also shown great courage in attacking enemy troops and aerodromes with machine-gun fire from very low altitudes."

    Extracts taken from Wrexham Advertiser, November 10 1917
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    Captain H J T Saint DSC flew Sopwith Triplanes and Camels with No 10 Sqn RNAS, and was credited with 7 victories between 9 August and 20 October 1917. After the War he became Chief Test Pilot for the Gloster Aircraft Company, and was responsible for development of the Gamecock fighter.

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    Apparently he has quite a few relatives looking for him Gareth !

    I've been looking for Bernard Lewis' web site ... I thought I might find some information there ... but all I can find is information about his book !! ... I don't have the new site in my favourites !! ( well ... it's not so new now !! :confused: )

    If somebody could post it I'd be grateful !

    Annie :)

    EDIT .... well I've found him ... of course he's Swansea not Wrexham !!!!!!!!

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    Found this ....


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