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  1. J David Petruzzi

    J David Petruzzi New Member

    Wow, Bill - Mark Peters won't know whether to ban you or buy you a pint!!


  2. markpeters

    markpeters New Member


    You know that I'm not judgemental, especially when outnumbered. :D

  3. tonyt

    tonyt New Member

    This is a great idea discussions on wars that shaped America and get very little attention . Look forward to some lively discussions and interesting perspectives . Have been to several Rev War and French and Indian (Seven Year War) sites . One much forgotten Blue Licks in Kentucky where the last battle of the war occurred . If anyone remembers the Fess Parker Daniel Boone show little Israel Boone was killed at Blue Licks. Much needs to be done to perserve CW sites and even more for the early American War sites . This site will be fun
    Tony :)
  4. The General

    The General New Member

    Hey, Tony,

    Good to see you and good to have you aboard. Welcome, and have fun.

  5. J David Petruzzi

    J David Petruzzi New Member


    LOL.  You'd make a great General.

    Or diplomat  ;D

    Maybe we can convert you to our side...

  6. Coy

    Coy New Member

    This is fantastic.  I have looked for boards and discussion groups on the American Revolution in the past and have been disappointed.  I am looking forward to learning and participating in this group.  Eric and Susan, thanks for having me.

    Kevin S. Coy
  7. The General

    The General New Member


    Happy to have you aboard!


  8. gnomejoe

    gnomejoe New Member

    Way to go! Another brilliant effort in keeping our roots alive. Thank you.
    As for my interest in the American Revolution, it clearly comes from nurturing. I've spent most of my life in the Finger Lakes of N.Y.. The sight of Gen. Sullivan's campaign against the Seneca and Cayugas. The ramifications of which are still going on. It is also one of the primary sights for land grants to enlisted and officer veterans. I have several friends who can directly trace their names and land to these men. I even know a person who has the lone causalty of Sullivan's campaign buried accross the road from her house.
    I look forward to learning and sharing with the group.
    Joe Blair
  9. The General

    The General New Member


    My pleasure, and welcome aboard. I hope you enjoy your time here.

  10. rcyoung

    rcyoung New Member

    Greetings Eric from Central Pa.
    Ron Young
  11. The General

    The General New Member

    Hey, Ron,

    Long time, no see. I hope you're well.

    Welcome aboard!

  12. Uncle Ben

    Uncle Ben Member

    Gentlemen & Ladies
    I am new to this whole discussion concept so please allow for senility(74) and lack of knowledge. F & I and AWI are my two reenactments. I am squarely on the side of Good King George and do Royal Artillery. So far I have been able to enter comments in the Artillery, German Troops, and Wigs & Tories sections.
    BTW, we, 4th Bn RA, are always looking for ablebodied people to serve HM and chase the "Doodles". YMH & OS, Ben Newton Capt Lt RA (1776-1783) fourthbnra@hotmail.com
  13. Uncle Ben

    Uncle Ben Member

    FYI, those interested in battlefields. We, the British Brigade and our counterparts, the Continental Line(known to us as the "Doodles") put on some events yearly at Monmouth, Brandywine, Mt Holly, Ft Mifflin, etc. In 07 we will put on a big one at Bordentown in June. Look at our web site, britishbrigade.org there is a schedule somewhere. YMH & OS, Ben fourthbnra@hotmail.com
  14. Rifleman

    Rifleman New Member

    Thanks to Eric and Susan for setting up this site.
    I look forward to participating.

  15. The General

    The General New Member

    Welcome aboard, Rob.


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