Was Andrew Jackson as cruel as he was made out to be?

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  1. Andrew Jackson was a famous war hero, known to defend his honor at all costs, but he was also known for other things. He was known to treat his slaves badly for one. But he was an infamous Indian-killer. The Cherokee even gave him the name "Sharp Knife". I have been hearing for years that people want to boycott his image off the twenty dollar bill because he was so cruel to minorities (Native Americans in particular). Was he as bad as he's been made out to be?

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    Well, there's certainly a history of that man which has been deleted from your knowing since the death of President FDR. So all the good stuff written about him, actually never happened, making all the stuff he did look really, really bad! You need to sit down with your grandparents, if you can find any that will bear clear testimony of what their parents had to say on the matter, and, well, there is another way; read about that which was written at the time.


    This blows the lid off the great lie that tried to suppress and change our knowledge of history in the book, Age of Jackson, by Arthur Schlesinger, Junior. In that book, the author tries to sell Jackson as "the people's own President" and his terms as "the rule of the people"! In real life, those statements couldn't be any further from the truth!

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