Wartime Courage

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  1. Kyt

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    Gordon Brown's new book, Wartime Courage, documents the heroic efforts of those who fought for Britain during WW2. It focuses specifically on the sacrifices made by what the Prime Minister calls Britain's "greatest generation" ? those who gave their youth and freedom so that those who came after them would not have to. Below are five extracts from the book, each a remarkable tale of courage and dignity.

  2. Antipodean Andy

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    The PM wrote a book?
  3. Kyt

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  4. CTNana

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    Wish he'd stuck to that as his day job!!!!
  5. spidge

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    Maybe he has a crystal ball and thinks you lot may flick him at the next election:poster_oops:[​IMG]
  6. Kyt

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    May? Don't need a crystal ball to think definately. If this is his normal writing style then I hope he sticks to it when he leaves office because he is very good.
  7. CTNana

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    Mathematics E
    Must try harder or Gordon could end up being Chancellor of the Exchequer!

    Have to grudgingly admit that I enjoyed his writing too.
  8. Adrian Roberts

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    It does look an interesting book and I may well read it some day.

    I am prepared to believe his sentiments are genuine but I hope he puts his money (or even our money) where his mouth is and ensures that servicemen wounded or traumatised in Iraq and Afganistan are adequately compensated, cared-for and counselled, and that their families can live in decent accomodation.
  9. spidge

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    Very good extracts, easy reading and no gloss.

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