Warships and Ships used in WW1.

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    Hi all!
    This is just to say that I am fortunate to have a huge database of Warship pictures aswell as a very large collection of postcards and photographs.

    These are not just of RN ships but also those from all the other participating navies and in addition of Liners, Cargo ships, Hospital Ships and submarines. To a lesser degree I also have many aircraft pictures and postcards as well.

    Obviously many of these would cover the First World War.

    If any member has a particular need to fill let me know and I will always do my best to help. Either reply here or if you would rather send me a PM [personal message].

    I enclose a few pictures for your enjoyment.

    The Royal Navy Battleships Britannia, Colossus, Indefatigable all taken during the First World War followed by the Imperial Japanese Navy Battleship Haruna taken during 1915 [the Japanese were of course our staunch ally during the first quarter of the 20th Century] lastly a Handley Page Bomber taken sometime during early 1918.


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    A Handley Page O/400 to be precise.

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