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Discussion in 'World War 1' started by cally, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. cally

    cally New Member


    Hi all!
    This is just to say that I am fortunate to have a huge database of Warship pictures.
    Not just of RN ships but also those from other navies.
    Obviously many of those would coverthe First World War.
    If any member has a particular need to fill let me know here and I will always do my best to help.

    Here is a picture of HMS Dreadnought nearing completion...
  2. liverpool annie

    liverpool annie New Member

    Hi Cally and welcome !! :)

    Can I just say ..... that you will be making more than a few grown men drool with all your pictures !! :D

    Thanks very much for your offer !

    Annie :)
  3. Kitty

    Kitty New Member

    Nice boat! You got anything of HMS Woolston?
  4. war hawk

    war hawk New Member

    Welcome nice pictures
  5. cally

    cally New Member

    I have these Kitty I dont know if they are of any interest?

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  6. cally

    cally New Member

    This is just a further reminder to all forum members that if you are looking for pictures of any WW1 warship then I can probably help you.
    Either ask in this thread, or if you would rather send me a PM [personal message] and I will get straight back to you.

    Picture of WW1 battleship HMS Majestic tragically torpedoed off the Gallipoli peninsula on the 27th May 1915by the German submarine U21.

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  7. Hugh

    Hugh New Member

    Hello Cally,
    Do you by any chance have a photo of HMS SUFFOLK.
  8. cally

    cally New Member

    Most certainly Hugh. Here are a couple of pictures of the old Monmouth-class cruiser for you...

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  9. Hugh

    Hugh New Member

    Very much appreciated, Cally. Nice to see two good photos of my Grandfather's ship.
  10. spidge

    spidge Active Member

    I don't think I have seen number four on HMS Woolston - Have you Kitty?
  11. cally

    cally New Member

    Thanks for making this a sticky, Annie + other moderators.

    Just a reminder - any member looking for a good picture of any particular Warship just leave a post outlining your requirement and I will do my best to provide you with one!
    My database/collection is not just Royal Navy orientated but also covers other navies as well as Liners and merchant ships.

    I show the WW1 British destroyer Flying Fish - launched in 1897 and sold for scrapping during 1919.

    Best wishes,


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  12. liverpool annie

    liverpool annie New Member

    Hi Cally !

    Kyt .... " the one who knows" ....... did it !! :D:D

  13. liverpool annie

    liverpool annie New Member

    Cally ... would you happen to have anything on USS Jacob Jones

    Dec 6 1917 torpedoed sank with 64 men still on board

    Thanking you in advance

    Annie :)
  14. cally

    cally New Member

    Certainly Annie.

    Most of the pictures I have are of the USS Jacob Jones [DD130] that was launched in early 1918 to replace the Jacob Jones that you were referring to [DD61].

    Anyway here are two pictures the first taken during 1916 and the second of her actually sinking after she was torpedoed on the 6th December 1917.

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  15. Adrian Roberts

    Adrian Roberts Active Member

    Cally certainly came up trumps for me when I asked for pics for a possible future modelling project!
  16. liverpool annie

    liverpool annie New Member

    Thanks Calley they're great .... all I could find were the older ones !! :D
  17. cally

    cally New Member

    Thanks Adrian - appreciated.
  18. liverpool annie

    liverpool annie New Member

    Hi Cally !

    Do you happen to know anything about HMS Whelp ?

    Thanks in advance !

    Annie :)
  19. cally

    cally New Member

    Hi Annie - unfortunately you are in the wrong war I think!

    The only serving HMS Whelp that I know of was a W & Z class destroyer, built by Hawthorn Leslie and launched 3rd June 1943. She served in the Home fleet until 1945 then transferred to the the Pacific Ocean fleet. [Photo below]

    In 1952 she was sold to South Africa.

    The reason why I described her as "the only serving" HMS Whelp is because there were plans for a modified W class destroyer of that name toward the end of WW1, but was finally cancelled in spring 1919.

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  20. liverpool annie

    liverpool annie New Member

    Thanks Cally !

    I have to remember that when people talk about their Granddads ...... they're not automatically WW1 !! :)

    Sorry about that !

    Annie :)

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