Warning - Hitler seen still alive

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What do you think Hitler looks like today?

  1. Yes I think Hitler is still alive

  2. No, I think he's dead

  3. I like him bald

  4. I like him fat

  5. I like him fat and bald!

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  1. PaulCheall

    PaulCheall Member

    Well maybe not, but if he is, he will no doubt have put on a few pounds or lost some of his hair. Amateur military sleuths might be grateful for this photofit knocked up by means of my iphone software.

    The pictures show what he was like, what he might be like now fat, what he might be like bald and, finally, what a bald fat Hitler might resemble!

    I wonder what my Dad and his army comrades would have made of these pics back in WW2?!

    Anyone interested in reading an extract about Dad's harrowing but memorable D-Day experience in the first wave on Gold beach, click on this D-Day memoir link


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  2. vashstampede

    vashstampede Active Member

    Maybe whether or not he had escaped instead of committed suicide could be debatable, there is no question that he is very dead now. Since he was born on April 20, 1889, he would have been 123 years old by now? :)

    I know the Russians "proved" it was him by using dental record, but who said the dental record couldn't be replaced with someone else's?

    Those photos look funny. He'd be an immortal to look like that. :D
  3. Jeff

    Jeff Member

    I personally believe that there is absolutely no way at all that Hitler is still alive. There is just no way.

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