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Discussion in 'Vietnam War' started by preacherbob50, Sep 19, 2014.

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    Its a funny, weird sort of thing. Our involment with Vietnam started in 1951. Some say a couple of years later but the president at the time, Eisenhower, sent the first American soldiers as military advisers to the Nam in '51. We stayed until '74 or so. Please bear with me. More American soldiers were killed or wounded in Nam than any other war we fought with the exception of the Civil War in which all combatants whether from the north or south were still Americans. Nearly 1800 American POW's were held by the N. Vietnamese. Thats not even figuring in the number of U.K. Soldiers, Ausies, Turks, S. Koreans, or Canadians, just to name most of our allies involved, who were killed, wounded, or held. Now the point. It is still regarded as a "police action," not a war.

    I heard the news the other day and it was said that Afghanistan is our longest "war," lasting around 8 or 9 years. It was declared a war from the git go.

    Now, in the news, they cannot figure out the terminology to use for our next military involment, namely the one against Isis.

    My contention and question: Anytime our military is sent to another country to fight and Americans come back in body bags because they were killed by a foreign combatant...it's a war. What is your stance?
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    I once skimmed a book in my local university library; I wish I had read it more carefully. It was entitled something like: "How to Start a War". It was a 'playbook' on how to manipulate a democratic nation into a conflict despite its better nature.

    I feel as if we, as a nation, are once again being manipulated into taking a war stance -- against our better judgement. I write as one who was school by US Army PSYOPs in the fine and fair art of Social Engineering (ADVERTISING).

    We are being told that ISIS (Isis is an ancient Egyptian goddess) is a threat to the US for beheading three men over a period of weeks. Last week Saudi Arabia, our ally, beheaded nineteen men. It sounds like beheading is not all that uncommon by our ally.

    And suddenly all sorts of "news" outlets, story factories, and RW front organization are trying to tell Americans to be afraid of this latest boogie-man. That all these trumpets are suddenly sounding what is basicly the same tune seems suspicous to me... as if someone is behind it just the same way someone was behind the hue and cry concerning the Much Ado about Benghasi.

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