Walther MKb.42 assault rifle

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    Just wanted to start a thread about Walthers version of the MKb.42 assault rifle, If anyone is up for discussing about it






    Last surviving specimens known are:

    s/n 0035 - Defence Academy, UK

    s/n 0050 - private collection, USA

    s/n 0067 - private collection

    s/n 0072 - private collection

    s/n 0078 - Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland, USA

    s/n 0084 - National Firearms Centre Leeds, The Royal Armouries (the Old MOD Pattern Room), UK

    s/n 0097 - private collection, deact, sold on The Collector's Guild in 2004. Probably still in Canada

    s/n 0109 - (stock cut in half) Springfield Armory Museum, Massachusetts, USA

    s/n 0116 - (different stock shape) Russian Army Museum, Moscow

    s/n 0120 - Finnish Arms Museum Foundation, Hyvinkaa, Finland

    s/n 0131 - Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland, USA

    s/n 0155 (s/n unconfirmed) - first, WTS Koblenz

    s/n ? - second, WTS Koblenz

    s/n ? - first, Tennessee State Museum, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

    s/n ? - second, Tennessee State Museum, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

    s/n ? - West Point Museum, New York, US

    s/n ? - BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) USA. Probably severly damaged when used as bait to catch someone dealing in illegal machine guns.

    s/n ? (impossible to read) - private collection, battlefield relic found in Czech Republic in 2007

    Possible 2 more examples pulled out from water in Germany (information unconfirmed)

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