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    Has anyone have any information on George Edward Darley Waddilove.
    3rd Reserve battallion Northumberland Fusiliers,
    served 4th September 1914 to 1920.
    awarded the O.B.E.
    Many thanks.
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    Hi UK and welcome ! :)

    What is it exactly that you are looking for ? .... just so we don't go over "old ground " so to speak !! :)
    You may already have this but I'll post just in case !

    7576 Supplement to the London Gazette 24 September 1914.

    3rd Battalion,"The Northumberland Fusiliers,
    Captain Arthur W. Rickman to be Major.
    Dated 4th September, 1914.
    George Edward Darley Waddilove, late
    Lieutenant, 3rd Battalion, to be Lieutenant.

    He's also on somebody's family tree ! :)


    Annie :)

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