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    Not sure whether to put this in obituaries or not but "news" from the late 80s so better as a bio?

    207 Sqn - Freddie Hulance of 227 Sqn on David Balme(

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    DFC per London Gazette:
    Acting Flight Lieutenant David Mowbray BALME (118095), Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, No. 207 Squadron. This officer was the captain of an aircraft detailed to attack Turin one night in July, 1943. Although i engine failed soon after the commencement of his flight to this distant target. Flight Lieutenant Balme continued his mission. When nearing the Alps a quantity of movable stores was jettisoned in stages in order to gain height. This accomplished, the bomber was piloted safely over the mountains and on to the target which was successfully attacked. When
    some 150 miles on the return journey the defective engine became serviceable but it soon became evident that the petrol would become exhausted before this country was reached if the full complement of engines were used. Flight Lieutenant Balme therefore instructed the flight engineer to feather the port inner engine. The petrol thus conserved enabled Flight Lieutenant Balme to fly the bomber to an airfield in this country. This officer displayed great skill, courage and resolution.

    DSO per the London Gazette:
    Acting Squadron Leader David Mowbray BALME. D.F.C. (118095), Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, No. 207 Squadron. Since the award of .the Distinguished Flying Cross this officer has continued to set the highest example of bravery and devotion to duty. He has attacked targets in the Ruhr area and in Berlin, with outstanding success, and has also completed missions to other distant and difficult objectives. As a flight commander, Squadron Leader Balme has been unsparing in his efforts to train his crews to the highest degree of efficiency.
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