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    Came across this while looking at 109 Sqn stuff. Wasn't sure where to put it owing to its format. Thought DL's cartoon thread might be the place but then thought it needed its own thread in biographies so any potential posts about the W/C didn't dilute DL's thread. My head hurts...

    Brian Lawless Duigan : Australian Aviation Hero

    From the previous page that led me to the link above:

    Brian Lawless Duigan : Australian Aviation Hero
    As a novel starting point however, you may like to read a contemporary account of Brian Duigans's exploits as published in the Melbourne Argus Newspaper, Saturday November 20, 1943. A weekly feature about Australians on active service and written in a 'cartoon' style, the account originally spread right across a broadsheet page. For practical reasons it is presented here as ten individually ordered 'cells'
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    Chapter 12 Attack Squadrons; Without Knocking; Blokes Up There; Mysterious Mission

    I think it was his son who was the artist ....

    The John Duigan Picture Pages

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