W/C Adrian "Warby" Warburton DSo and Bar, DFC and two Bars, American DFC

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    He's been mentioned in the most higly decorated thread but was just doing some reading about him in relation to Marylands in the Med and noted the circumstances of his loss...and discovery 58 years later!

    Adrian Warburton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Wiki article touches on an incredible number of amazing things not least his adventures flying and "acquiring" aircaft.

    Warburton was the pilot of one of two Lockheed F-5B reconnaissance aircraft (a version of the Lockheed P-38 Lightning fighter) that took off together from Mount Farm on the morning of 12 April 1944 to photograph targets in Germany. The aircraft separated approximately 100 miles north of Munich to carry out their respective tasks; it was planned that they would meet and fly on to a USAAF airfield in Sardinia. He failed to arrive at the rendezvous point and was not seen again.

    Years of speculation about his fate came to an end in 2002, when his remains were found in the cockpit of his plane, buried about two metres deep in a field near the Bavarian village of Egling an der Paar, 34 miles west of Munich. According to witnesses, the plane fell there on 12 April 1944, around 11:45. One of propellers had bullet holes in it, which suggests that Warburton had been shot down. Parts of the wreck can be seen in the Malta Aviation Museum.
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    Their bravery still astounds me!
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    I came across this ... and realised I had the book Warburtons War ! I don't think I've even read it ... but I will now ! :) makes fascinating reading ! ...

    Adrian Warburton (known as Warby) was to become one of the most highly decorated pilots of WW2 and the RAF’s greatest wartime reconnaissance pilot

    A true maverick and fearless in the air, he shot down nine aircraft and won fame in Malta for his Photo Reconnaissance images taken before the attack by the Royal Navy on the Italian fleet in the port of Taranto. It was during one of these sorties that Warby flow twice round the harbour at very low-level, calling out the names of the ships as he pasted them and still he went around a third time in spite of all the heavy flak to get the right photos. On this return, it was found that around the tail wheel of his Maryland aircraft was the aerial wire from a battleship. He also undertook missions for the landings in Sicily and North Africa.

    On this return to the Europe, he was posted as a liaison officer to the 7th US Photo-Reconnaissance Group; Warby, against orders, departed on 12th April 1944 in a USAAF Lightning F5B Serial number 42-67325 (reconnaissance version of the P38) aircraft on an unusual and still unknown mission. Both the plane and the pilot disappeared without trace.

    On the 19th August 2002, excavation start at Egling near Dunzelbach, were reports had stated that an American P38 had crashed on the 12th April 1944. Some human remains were found and after checking the unearthed engine serial numbers with authorises in the USA. It was confirmed that the remains were that of Warby.

    On the 14th May 2003 Wing Commander Adrian Warburton DSO & Bar, DFC & 2 Bars, DFC (USA) was given a full military funeral at St Agidius Church, Gmund and laid to rest at the War Cemetery at Durnbach.

    Adrian Warburton being carried by members of the RAF
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    Wing Commander Adrian "Warby" Warburton (10 March 1918 in Middlesbrough - 12 April 1944 over Germany) was a Royal Air Force (RAF) pilot during World War II. He became legendary in the RAF for his role in the defence of Malta. His gallantry was recognised by the award of the Distinguished Service Order and Bar, the Distinguished Flying Cross and two Bars and an American Distinguished Flying Cross.

    Adrian Warburton: Facts, Discussion Forum, and Encyclopedia Article

    It was also interesting to read what Jack Vowles had to say ..... !

    Stroud News and Journal - Fitting end for war hero
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    You deserve a slapping, Annie. How could you forget!
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    Too many books .... so little time !! :D

    Maybe I should take Kyt's suggestion and stay off here and read instead !!!!! :D

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