Veteran's Day at Gettysburg

Discussion in 'Civil War' started by Kate, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. Kate

    Kate Active Member

    I hope my 2014 Veteran's Day at Gettysburg will be as special as the one I had last year. I'll be there for a few days and I can't wait. (Of course!) :D

    Last year was made special by something more than just being there where so many of our brave men (and a few women) in blue and gray fell. That would be reason enough... and the National Cemetery where so many of them remain would make it special, too.

    But it's more... last year as our trip was starting, we saw an eagle soaring from the local mountaintop to the river, grand as could be. I've lived within 30 miles of where I am now my whole life and I've only ever seen one other eagle... years ago and at the very summit of another mountain.

    Special Veteran's Day that was!
  2. Gin0710

    Gin0710 Member

    That is special! I can only imagine how moving it must be to be at Gettysburg on Veteran's Day. I think any battle field visit on Veteran's Day would be moving. It's cool that you saw an eagle too. You should come to Washington. They fly over all the time! There was a nest of them near my brother's house one summer. They're pretty miraculous!
  3. Kate

    Kate Active Member

    Washington... state or district? I've been to D.C. but I'm thinking it's much too noisy and polluted to have eagles nearby so I'll bet you mean state. :) If that's the case, I know it's a beautiful state... just haven't had the pleasure of visiting yet.

    If you *do* mean District of Columbia, I've been there a number of times and have some great memories... I love that whole DC/VA/MD area.

    Yes, being at Gettysburg on Veteran's Day is poignant... and that reminds me that I have to check what special events they'll have going on when I'm there on the 11th.
  4. Gin0710

    Gin0710 Member

    Washington State. I've been to D.C. myself. I went in the spring time with my class when I was in high school. Probably the best time of the year to go is in the spring when all the cherry blossoms are out. I loved it!
  5. Rhoda DEttore

    Rhoda DEttore New Member

    I live in NJ and we have them nesting along our waterway. The EPA deemed it some sort of "noise free zone" because they wanted the pair to nest and mate. So no water traffic is permitted to go over a certain speed in that section.

    Where are you from that you go to Gettysburg every year? My birthday is July 2, so I used to go every year. I haven't been there in some time. The last time I was there, I stood on the really high mound on the battlefield and could see Marine One landing at Camp David.
  6. Kate

    Kate Active Member

    Oooh, does this mean you climbed Big Round Top, Rhoda? If so, you're a brave soul... I tried once and chickened out 3/4 of the way. Muscle cramps tend to do that to a person. :eek: But it was extremely hot that day so maybe I'll try it again sometime. Yes, Camp David isn't very far at all... and the Eisenhower Farm is in Gettysburg, too. (Camp David... Ike... see, it *was* connected! hehe)

    I go there and Antietam multiple times a year, yes... and to answer your question, I live in... central PA. :p
  7. DancingLady

    DancingLady Member

    That is so cool that you got to see eagles. I have seen some when I lived near Portland. They seemed to move back into that area when I was about 12-13, after many, many years not being there. I have actually never gotten to go anywhere special for veterans day, but your experience has me thinking I might want to do so in the future if I can.

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