Versailles Treaty (1919)

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    This site contains the full-text of the Treaty of Versailles(1919) which ended the First World War. It includes all 440 articles which cover such issues as national boundaries in Europe, disarmament of Germany, economic conditions of the surrender and the payment of reparations. It is made available on the web via Project Avalon.
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    Here's something I didn't know ............... how awful that seems !! :(

    The most important German cemetery from the First World War lies in the village of Vladslo, north of Ypres and close to the city of Diksmuide. In one of the few oak-tree woods in the area lie hundreds of square black stones with the names of the buried soldiers. The peace treaty of Versailles denied the losers of the war the use of white stone.

    The stones lie in rigid lines in the grass under the trees. No flowers decorate the burial grounds.

    Each stone carries twenty names , twenty rank specifications, twenty death dates :
    Herman Kames, Seesoldat, + 25.12.1914.
    No age indications.
    No consoling words

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    If this is a topic of interest, I have the document "The Peace of Versailles" dated June 28, 1919. This is a condensed 40 page report by the participants at the event. There are 2 other documents "The Opening of the Peace Conference" and "Problems at the Peace Conference", also available for those who have an interest. Most fascinating reading!

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