Valor With Honor WW2 military history documentary on Japanese American 442nd DVD

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    Valor with Honor: WW2 independent documentary on the Japanese American 442nd Regimental Combat Team
    "The last stories from these heroic men........."

    The 442nd was a segregated US Army unit composed of Japanese Americans led by white officers. This small unit of 3500 men in the field was awarded the most decorations for its size and length of
    service in the history of the US Army.
    21 Medals of Honor, over 500 Silver Stars, and over 9000 Purple Hearts.
    The film has over 20 Nisei vets telling their personal stories of serving in WW2 and the bittersweet return home to America. Over 35 interviews were used as footage for the film. After years of effort the film is being screened in the US and the dvd is available for sale.

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