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Discussion in 'Revolutionary War' started by Pamela Jo, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. Pamela Jo

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    Here's a wonderful site if you're interested in learning more about the soldier's who served under Washington during the encampment at Valley Forge in 1777 & 1778:

    There is quite a bit of info that's worth a look!

  2. Patriot

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    Much obliged! I found my ancestor:

    VA05596 Hufman Reuben VA PRIVATE 1 VA

    Mike Peters
  3. Pamela Jo

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    I'm so glad the website was helpful! It's great that you have an ancestor who fought in the war. It makes the love of history all the more fascinating. My friend's gr-gr-gr-gr-grandfather signed the Declaration of Independence and her gr-gr-grandfather fought on Little Round Top in Gettysburg...she DOES NOT care and is not at all interested in history. Things like that really bug me. :eek: I only wish I could say an ancestor of mine signed the Declaration!

    Anyway, I'm glad you found some useful info!



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