V C Awarded to SAS Soldier

Discussion in 'Other Conflicts' started by John, Jan 23, 2011.

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    Hasn't an Oz soldier just been awarded the Australian VC today for bravery in Afghanistan?
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    This was the soldier who received his medal on Sunday - Corporal Benjamin Roberts-Smith VC, MG
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    Story goes something like this, the men 24(?) from SASR were airlifted to support troopers from 2 Commando Regt and Afghan national Army who were getting hammered by a well situated and heavily manned and armed enemy force.

    SASR troopers came under extreme MG and other fire. Different news reports report different casualty numbers anything from 2 to 9 wounded. I am lead to beleive that at least two SASR were wounded the other 7 would of been 2 Regt Troopers.. The SASR troops were in a very dire situation with most unable to return fire due to the severe weight of fire from the Taliban/Insurgent MGs, rifle men and others. With out the actions that followed several surely would of been killed.

    Sergeant 'A' took the initiative and knelt on one knee while MG and other rounds whizzed all around him, he was firing his rifle at the insurgents forcing some to take 'very temporary' cover, Troop(?) Sergeant 'B' saw his opportunity and threw in a grenade which knocked out one MG, Corporal Roberts-Smith saw and then grasped his very small window of opportunity and rushed the MG's killing many and forcing others into withdrawal. Naturally this all happened very, very quickly.

    Brave brave men who all should be decorated, Sergeant A was awarded the Star of Gallantry, the second highest Australian Gallantry award.

    The Star of Gallantry (SG) was introduced in 1991 and is awarded for acts of great heroism or conspicuous gallantry in action in circumstances of great peril.

    A list of Australian Gallantry awards can be found Department of Defence - Defence Honours and Awards

    Any further information or corrections to this information would be great.

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