US Missing in Action - Wounded Notices 1918 Brooklyn Standard Union

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    I wonder if anybody can find out anything about this soldier please ?

    October - December

    Private Thomas F. FLOOD, of 243 Pearl Street, seriously wounded, lost his right arm by an enemy incendiary bomb during an engagement on August 24. He lost a large quantity of blood, but was saved when a comrade volunteered to give two pints of his blood for transfusion.

    Private FLOOD, when 18 years old, enlisted last year with the Twenty-third Regiment. He went to Camp Wadsworth for eight months and left with the 106th Infantry, which went into action in Flanders. He is now in a U.S. Hospital in England and may be sent home soon.

    "Don't worry Mother, I gave my right arm in defense of Liberty", he wrote home, after the news had been previously told to Mrs. Deila FLOOD, his mother, in a letter sent by Captain P. COSTELLO, chaplain of the Canadian forces, who attended him. As a boy, FLOOD was employed by the Standard Union. His brother, John C. FLOOD, 31, a graduate of St. James High School, is in training at Camp Hancock, Georgia. Their father is a letter carrier employed in the main Post Office for the past 25 years. There is one daughter.

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