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Discussion in 'Revolutionary War' started by tonyt, Jan 6, 2007.

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    I picked up a new book entitled "Union 1812" subtitled 'The Americans Who Fought the Second War of Independence " by A.J. Langguth who also wrote "Patriots: The Men Who Started the American Revoution" . Has anyone read "Union 1812 " ? I have just started the book which begins when Washington returns to Mount Vernon at the conclusion of the War for Independence and covers Washington's frustrations of the handling of Shay's Rebellion and the political joisting in the opening sessions of the the Constitutional Congress . From the index and table of contents it appears to follow the founding of the country through the second war with England through the eyes of several particpants . Individuals in the founding stage are Jefferson , John Adams and covers others including Zebulon Pike , Tecumseh , Oliver Perry , Andrew Jackson, and others . Of course James Madison is followed through the constitutional congress and the war . Other chapters include the Treaty and Ghent and the peace that follows .

    I would like to hear if anyone else has read or is reading the book . As I continue I will let you know my impressions of the book .
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    I've got it, and it's in the queue to be read, but I haven't gotten to it yet.

    I really enjoyed Langguth's book Patriots, which is what prompted me to buy this one.

  3. Baltis Getzendanner

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    did you ever get around to reading it? I also have it sitting in the Que and am wondering if it is worth giving a higher priority.
  4. The General

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    I did read it. If you enjoyed Patriots, you will enjoy this, because it' very similar.

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    Glad to hear this, as I am looking for a solid overview of The War of 1812... and also having really enjoyed Langguth's Patriots, I'm thinking about just going with this one.

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