U.S. Army, 816th Engineer Battalion of the Fifth Division

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    Hello Forum,

    Thank you for allowing me to join the forum and post this information.

    I am trying to find where in the UK the 816th Engineer Battalion of the Fifth Division was located in 1941-1942. I understand it was an Army/Air Force battalion.

    My cousin lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and her cousin's father joined this outfit in Philadelphia in 1941. His name was Alfonso Frio.

    Alfonso left behind a woman and their 2 children and we are trying to locate the children. If we can determine where in the UK Alfonso was stationed, it will help narrow the search.

    Thank you,

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  3. Kyt

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    Google Earth Hacks - RAF Gosfield photographed in March 1945

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    Thank you Kyt for all of your help.:) I think Gosfield, Essex is a good place to start looking for Alfonso Frio's offspring.

    I looked into the history of that link you supplied and found the 816th
    and on the second page of history information, bottom row, right, is Alfonso's name listed with others.

    Thanks again. I will keep you updated on the progress of this search.

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    Hi Paul !

    Somebody has Alfonso Frio in their family tree ... but I don't know how to get into it !! :noidea: might be worth a shot ... it's not a common name ! :)

    I122: Oresto BRUNO (____ - ____)

    Annie :)
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    Thank you Annie,

    Anna Bruno is a DiCiurcio. Her niece Connie is married to my second cousin,
    Robert DeStefano.

    I don't know who owns that tree, but I wish they would contact me at my web site Genealogy

    Thanks again,

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    Welcome aboard, Paul. Looks like you're off to a flyer. Hope you enjoy it here.

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