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Discussion in 'World War 1' started by Kev Wood, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Kev Wood

    Kev Wood New Member

    Hi all, My father passed away last June and while cleaning out the loft i found a suitcase that was my grandads, in it there was a fantastic Roll of Honour for what i presume is employees of Lennards shoes, Bristol. I know my grandad worked in the shoe trade, so im presuming that he worked at Lennards.

    I think the roll of honour is fantastic and wondered if anyone had any ideas what i could do with it, i have tried a bit of research on some of the names and not had much luck. I thought about doing a website?

    I think that it must be a roll of men that served not died as some of the ones i can find survived. Although my grandad doesn't seem to be on it and he served in both World Wars?

    Down the sides it says, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, South Africa, Newfoundland WHY?

    I have attached some photos, one with the names on, its too big for my scanner!!

    Any help or information would be appreciated,

    We have been researching it a bit on Rootschat, posting the link so no one waste time on something we have.,359363.15.html



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  2. Adrian Roberts

    Adrian Roberts Active Member

    Hi Kev

    Welcome to the Forum!

    This Roll of Honour is certainly a very interesting artefact. Sometimes the term Roll of Honour was synonymous with a Memorial plaque, i.e, those named all died, but sometimes it was simply a list of those who served. The countries on the side are simply the main countries of the British Empire - this was a common form of decoration for such documents at the time (Newfoundland was a seperate country at the time).

    Researching individual servicemen is not my speciality, but first I would go to Commonwealth War Graves Commission website:

    This will at least tell you who died (but consider initials and spelling to be sources of error).

    If you want to seriously research these names, go to "The Long, Long Trail"

    and click on "research a soldier" for guidance.

  3. liverpool annie

    liverpool annie New Member

    I found Mizen .... no details though I'm afraid ! :( .... I don't have access to A* but I wonder if you'll find him in 1901 ?

    Name: MIZEN
    Initials: J V
    Nationality: United Kingdom
    Rank: Lance Corporal
    Regiment/Service: Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)
    Unit Text: 99th Coy.
    Date of Death: 01/08/1916
    Service No: 13743
    Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead
    Grave/Memorial Reference: VIII. C. 6.

    Surname Mizen
    Christian Name John Victor
    Initials J V
    Born Wick, Glos.

    Theres a Robert John Mizen on the Wick War Memorial .... wonder if he's related !
  4. liverpool annie

    liverpool annie New Member

    I found 4 H Mustoes ... but this one caught my eye !! he's a possible :confused:

    Initials: H W
    Nationality: United Kingdom
    Rank: Able Seaman
    Regiment/Service: Royal Navy
    Unit Text: H.M.S. "Bristol."
    Age: 21
    Date of Death: 19/07/1915
    Service No: J/9530
    Additional information: Son of Stephen and Rose Mustoe, of Sapperston, Cirencester, Glos.
    Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead
    Grave/Memorial Reference: C. 3031.
  5. Kev Wood

    Kev Wood New Member

    Hi Annie,

    John Mizen is in 1901.

    son of William John and Alma Maybury (married 4thqrtr Chipping Sodbury 1887)

    Florence 1888
    Blanche 1890
    Kathleen 1893

    6 Bell Hill Road, St Michaels, Bristol

    William is a Greengrocer/Shopkeeper.

    Mustoe looks a good possible.

    Have s website that wants a copy and the Bristol and Avon Family History Society want one too :)

    Thanks both,

  6. liverpool annie

    liverpool annie New Member

    I'm glad you've found somebody who's interested Kev !!

    What are you going to do with it ? .... I went through all the names on there but theres so many possibles for each name .... and I don't have A* .... to check out occupations etc !! :rolleyes:

    Tell us what websites its going to .... then we can keep an eye on it !!

    Annie :)
  7. Kev Wood

    Kev Wood New Member

    Hiya Annie,

    Been so busy with the move that i've not been able to look at this much.

    I've checked occupations for those that I think as probables in the 1901 for their fathers cos I can't afford to keep paying to look in the 1911!!! I think that would really help and may solve a few, can't have it too easy can we :rolleyes:

    Im going to be offline from Friday 27th until March the 13th ish. So won't be able to do anything.

    The websites it will be going on are:


    But that won't be til after i've moved AND can get full-size copies for them.
  8. Kev Wood

    Kev Wood New Member

    Sorry Adrian, I thought I had thanked you for your reply, just realised I hadn't!!

    So Thank you and thank you for the welcome.

  9. morten

    morten Member

    Hello Kev. Lennards had two warehouses in my part of the country (Bournemouth) so some of the men listed on your Roll of Honour might have come from here. Pity no Regiments or Service Numbers are listed so that the correct individuals can be identified. It would make an interesting project, and tribute to your grandfather/the men involved, for you to research these men. You could ask at your local history centre/county record office if Lennards have deposited any papers with them. Also, if you look through the local paper for the 1914-18 period there will most probably be information about the employees and possibly photos of some of them in uniform. If you do look through the paper then it would be a good idea to extend your cutoff date to 1921 or 1922. It will take a lot of time but will be well worth it. May I request that you at least deposit a copy of the Roll with your local history centre/county record office? Thanks for scanning in the pics. Regards & good luck. Morten
  10. morten

    morten Member

    Hello Kev. How's the research going on with your Lennards Roll of Honour? I haven't come across any men from my area yet who worked at Lennards but I did see this advert in a 1915 edition of my local paper. Lennards HQ is listed as being at Queens Road, Bristol. Have you tracked down any company papers at your local history centre yet? Regards. Morten

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