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Discussion in 'Books and Films' started by Rochey, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. Rochey

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    Hello everyone...I wonder if you can help me?

    As a kid in the 1980's, I got into a series of fictional books by the same author set predominantly in WWII.

    It was about an English guy who became a fighter pilot in the RAF and a German Luftwaffe pilot and how as unknown adversaries of each other, thier paths crossed for the duration of the war, from the Battle of France, the BoB to Malta and beyond. I believe, the RAF guy went onto to fly ?vampires? and may have also fought in the Korean war?

    I think by adult standards the books are probably crap, but now I have turned 40, I am getting all nostalgic and would like to read them all again. Trouble is....I can't remember the author's name, any of the book titles or any of the protagonists in them! A problem I know!

    I can remember that one of the RAF guy's mate's was American and originally flew Spits', then went back home to fly Mustangs...but then came back to Britain as part of D Day.

    Would love it if anyone had any ideas or leads!

    How tenuous is this though...I know in the picture of the author, he had a moustache! Hehe!

  2. Dave Barlow

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    Struth - that sounds like the plot of at least one Commando comic.

    Apparently we had an ex-Luftwaffe pilot in the RAAF in the 1950s - 1960s (article in the RAAF news recently)

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