Tomb of the Unknowns

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    I remember being in AIT when hearing about the Tomb of the Unknowns. I have to say, you must be an excellent candidate at DNC to ever be accepted there. Let alone be very profficient in your skills and requirments as a soldier. To be accepted there would be a honor to many.

    Personally, I have met some of the very best soldiers who have been accepted to work there.

    There are WW1, WW2, KOREAN WAR, VIETNAM WAR soldier tombs there. It is guarded day and night. You would around, but with perfection, with every step counted.

    I learned how to be the best I can be at DNC just by meeting people who have served in this place. Some of the very fittest PT studs as well.

    So if anyone wants to check out top notch DNC, or maybe you never heard of this Tomb of the Unknowns, you ought to check it out!

  2. Kate

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    I have been totally amazed watching this every time I've been to Arlington. And the changing of the guard... amazing.

    I was there when the first woman took her turn as guard. Sgt. Heather Johnsen, and it was... uh... taxing my memory here, but I think around 1996 give or take a year.
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    That's awesome Kate. I never personally been there. I have worked with some of them though! I even had some drill Sgts that taught me a skill or two. They surely know what the heck they are doing huh! I think I will set up a satellite in the dead beat heat any day.

    God bless, LIONZFIRE
  4. Kate

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    I don't know where you're located, Lionzfire, but if at *all* possible (especially with you being a vet) I'd try to get to D.C. There's not only Arlington, but the Vietnam Wall, the WWII things... it provides an amazing vacation. Holocaust Museum, Smithsonian complex... but if you can go, plan at least three days! :D

    And yes, the guards surely are awesome. With so much of society appearing to lose more brain cells each year and become more zombie-like because of too much technology too fast, it is very inspiring to see these people who *do* have the discipline to carry the tomb-watching out without ever missing a beat.

    And most of the time (unless it's an unruly group) the visitors are respectful and quiet and you only hear the clicking of the march. Beautiful. (Except for that *horrible* news story of disrespect that lady did last year... so sickening.)

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