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    As always I'm a real dufuss with the Archives .... could somebody tell me the right way to find what I'm looking for please ?

    I 'm trying to find HQ Noper Force ..... one of the priests on my Honour Roll - Father Hubert Furlong renewed his contract on 4th July 1917 in Mesopotamia ...... HQ Noper Force .... but I can't seem to find out anything about it

    I was told that this is probably an abbreviation for the North Persia Force - and I should try TNA ....

    These are the War Diaries held at Kew - but I can't find anything for 1917 !!


    WO 95/5045 Headquarters Branches and Services
    WO 95/5045 General Staff 1918 Sept. - 1919 Feb.
    WO 95/5045 General Staff 1920 Oct. - 1921 Mar.
    WO 95/5045 Adjutant and Quarter-Master General 1918 Sept. - 1919 Mar.
    WO 95/5045 Assistant Director Medical Services 1919 Jan. - Mar.
    WO 95/5045 Assistant Director Medical Services 1920 Dec. - 1921 Apr.

    Annie :confused:

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