Thought i would try and draw a IWM Faces of the First World War

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Kbak, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Kbak

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    With the centenary of the first world war coming up and the launch of the IWM 1914 Wall and the Faces of the First World War.

    I thought I would have ago at drawing one of the Faces.
    I chose Second Lieutenant K F Nichol, Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force

    I Hope you like it



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  2. joshtheboss

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    You drew that? Wow how long have you been drawing for Keith?

    That is really amazing. Does the Lieutenant have any relation to your family?

    What did you use to draw? Charcoal?
  3. Kbak

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    Hi Joshtheboss,
    Thanks for your kind comment, I've been drawing for 35 years now.
    No the the Lieutenant is not in my family, it was drawn from a photo which is part of IWM 1914 Wall and the Faces of the First World War.
    The drawing is done in Pencil and took about 16 hrs to do.
    you can see more of my work in my link below
    Kind Regards

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