Thomas Hughes VC 6th Bn Connaught Rangers

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    I can't find too much about this soldier ... does anybody know if there are pictures of him or his grave ?

    Pte Thomas Hughes, 6th Bn Connaught Rangers, though already wounded single-handed, captured a machine gun. He was again wounded but still brought back three or four prisoners. Thomas was a Monaghan man and he died there in 1942.

    Thomas Hughes VC 6th Bn Connaught Rangers is buried at Bloomfield Old Cemetery between Carrickmacross and Castleblaney.

    Hughes was born 30 May 1885 in Castleblayney, Co Monaghan.

    He was 31 years old, and a private in the 6th Battalion, The Connaught Rangers, British Army during the First World War.

    On 3 September 1916 at Guillemont, France, Private Hughes was wounded in an attack but returned at once to the firing line after having his wounds dressed. Later, seeing a hostile machine-gun, he dashed out in front of his company, shot the gunner and, single-handed, captured the gun. Though again wounded, he brought back three or four prisoners.

    He later achieved the rank of corporal. He died Carrickmacross, County Monaghan, 8 January 1942, aged 56.

    His Victoria Cross is displayed at the National Army Museum (Chelsea, England).
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    I am Thomas Hughes's great nephew. I can get you pics of his grave (he's buried in a little place called Broomfield - just outside Castleblaney Co.Monaghan) and I have one or two others of him recieving his VC from the King etc, however I can't find any of him out of uniform.
    Let me know if you are interested.

    All the best

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    PS - that's him in the profile photo I use.

    I've been curious about his story ever since I was a kid when I heard my Dad talking about him. Apparently he struggled to find work after the war because of his injuries and the general economic gloom of the time and ended up selling his medal for a pittance. He drank quite heavily and died at the relatively young age of 56.

    I am a librarian by trade and last year an elderly lady came into one of the libraries I work in (Crossmaglen - which is near Castleblaney Co Monaghan) and she asked me if I was related to him...I was amazed when she told me that she remembered him vividly from when she was a child - she lived nearby him and she said that although he was a bit of a loner in later years he always had time for her and some of the other kids and he used to sit on a chair outside his old ramshackle house and tell them stories & fairytales. She died a few months later herself but it was great to get the chance to speak with someone who actually knew him.
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    Hi Peter and welcome !

    Sorry to be so tardy answering you ! .... I'd love to know about Thomas .... it seems so many soldiers went the way of Thomas ... coming home with no hopes of any kind of future ... my own Granddad ended up with a drinking problem too ... it wasn't until I started researching and finding out more about him that I realised all he'd been through - no wonder he drank ! :(

    Annie :)
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    I was surprised to find that Thomas Hughes listed his address on WW1 pension records as" Hill View Rawnsley Hednesford Staffordshire " as this is my parents house and where lived before leaving home. I think he was proberly a lodger and work in the local race horse industry, as he lists his pre-war occpanion as a groom. Funny to think that my childhood home once housed a future war hero.
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    Hi Jimmy and welcome ! :)

    What an amazing coincidence ! if you'd have known then what you know now .... I wonder if you'd have looked to see - if by any chance - he left anything behind ! :)

    He was quite the man I think but like a lot of soldiers found it hard to adjust when he came home !

    Annie :)
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    hi ANNIE DAVID GOURLEY here just to let you know on jan 2nd 2010 we are visiting THOMAS HUGHES resting place for a short service along with his nephew and of course his great nephew peter after that we are heading to DEANS GRANGE cemetery outside dublin to remember JOSEPH EWARD WOODALL VC we have purchased a headstone for him he rests in the KING family grave unmarked it will all be on video i will send you a copy
    david gourley
    events officer
    friends of the somme
    mid antrim
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    Hi David !

    Sorry to be so tardy answering you - I've hardly been here ! ... but how wonderful that you will be doing this for Thomas and Joseph ! :)
    I'll be thinking of you on that day ... I'd love to see the pictures !!

    Hope the weather holds up and you guys don't get snowed out !! :)

    Annie :)
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    Message for Peter Hughes - think I might be related to Thomas Hughes. About 10 years ago, when I was in my cousins house in Newry, I came across the Testimonial for Thomas Hughes - it still had a purple cord holding the 4/5 pages together. It was commemorating a dinner held in his honour in Monaghan and had a photo of him receiving his VC. Now, this is where it gets confusing! My uncles name is Philip Hughes but he didn't know anything about Thomas. My aunt's name was Bridget McGuinness and her grandmother was Mary Hughes (my G Grandmother). My grandmother and her family (McGuinness) were brought up in County Monaghan (nr.Castleblayney). I think it is more likely that this side of the family were the Hughes related to Thomas - hope that makes sense! I was in touch with relatives of Thomas from Dundalk a few years back and they mentioned a Michael Joseph who had passed away - my mother remembers the family speaking of a Micky Joe when she was young.
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    brian o Rourke could you please contact me on 087 9843415, my name is francis hughes, son of Michael joseph hughes, thanks.

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