Things about the Vietnam War I think are interesting.

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    Yes I found a video documentary about the Vietnam War claiming that America lost that war, ok now I heard we killed way more enemy Viet Cong troops compared to their kill count of 58,000 however it is not the kill count that determines who wins a war but was the goal accomplished and who really gave up first.I was in a chat-room once where a Vietnamese man he was older than me about 40 and he was saying that Vietnam a small country no bigger than the state of Montana held off the Americans and kicked their butt until they left so by watching this video I'm sure I'll be able to get more truth on that.

    This is another cool video I plan to download later and watch in my MP4 player because I really do not watch much TV because I think that it is so full of ignorance and propaganda crap with stupid reality shows and so many lies being told by news agencies I prefer to simply get their ideas but research and watch the majority of the content I like on the internet. I'm fascinated with the Tet offensive because there was a level in one of the video games I played called Conflict Vietnam and in that level you had to stay in the bunker and hold off waves of Viet Cong forces as they tried to over run you and it was very intense it took me 7 tries before I finally won.

    I remember the stories my uncle used to tell me about how patient and cunning those Viet Cong troops were and how they would go out into the Jungle and dig tunnels or holes in the ground and they only had a small amount of water and some food to last them a few weeks they would dig that hole and stay in it and never come out they would urinate and have bile movements in that same hole and could stand it until it was time to hear the foot steps of American soldiers this is when they would ambush the Americans and kill them.

    As I scroll down my Facebook timeline I see that friends of mine have posted news of at least 3 more new Vietnam War Memorials being put up in the United States I really love this because it is so great that we pay homage and never forget those who died in that war.

    I really do find this video extremely interesting and thought-provoking when people try to expose politicians on what they did and did not do in Vietnam during the war.


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