The Way of the Whigs

Discussion in 'Civil War' started by skyblue, Feb 6, 2013.

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    I was reading this article, which goes into some depth about the Whigs and how the Republican Party was initially formed. It's about a new initiative by Karl Rove, who is not a hero of mine, to support the Establishment GOP members over the Tea Party element that is growing within the GOP and whose main focus is on the principle of a constitutionally limited government.

    This GOP split parallels some aspects of the problems historically with the Whig party divisions.

    Thoughts on the Way of the Whigs or the current split in the GOP?

    Is history repeating itself?

    Do you think a new party will form?

    I'll start by saying I think the author is effective at dissecting the errors of Karl Rove's doomed plan by drawing parallels to the Whigs of the Civil War Era.

    I also believe that the author does an amazing job of identifying that the issue of Big Government is a MORAL issue and not just an economic issue.
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    This is a very interesting article, skyblue. The author makes a compelling case that today's political Big Government agendas are not only immoral and wasteful but also do not result in victories for the candidates.

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