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    While we welcome you to our group and invite your participation, you do so according to our rules. Our rules are as follows:

    As the moderators, what we say controls. If we determine that a thread of discussion is inappropriate and ask that it end, you must comply with our instructions. If you don't, your membership privileges will be terminated. Our decisions regarding the propriety of what's appropriate are not subject to debate or discussion. All posts must be signed with a name. Names like "Joe Schmoe" are not acceptable and violate the rules.

    ALL discussions will be conducted as cordial, friendly discussions. No personal attacks on any member of the group will be permitted at any time. Feel free to say whatever you like about the historical figures that will be the focus of discussions, within reason. There are no exceptions to this rule. Anyone violating this rule will be expelled immediately.

    Flame wars are NEVER acceptable in this group, and will NEVER be tolerated. If a member of the group does not respect our decisions regarding terminating flame wars, that member's posting privileges will be immediately terminated, they will be expelled from the group, and will be prohibited from rejoining at any time.

    Do not cross post! This wastes space and resources, and will not be tolerated.
    Again, follow these simple rules, and we should all have fun!
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