The Royal West Kents in India and Burma

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    I am conducting some family history and have just finished researching my Great great uncle who died in 1918 on the western front.

    I am now moving on to his nephew and my great uncle who served as an officer in the Royal West Kents and was posted to India during the second World War.

    Although I have not obtained his service records at the moment, my Great Uncle did leave some brief recollections but did not say which battalion he was in. He served with the Royal Indian Army Service Corps and was in charge of fuel pumping stations in Tinsukia. I think I found a record of his emergency commision in 1941 as a 2nd Lt before being posted to India. Naturally he rose to the rank of Capatain and was demobbed as Acting Major.

    I would be very grateful if anyone could share some information on the Royal West Kents experience in India? I know the war diaries would be a rather helpful source but of course I am unsure as to which battalion my Uncle was in.

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    ** CBI VI for the 777 the Engineer Petroleum Distribution Company, only amongst the others, constructed 10,000 barrel tanks for FLO at Tinsukia Tank Farm.
    These two may be helpful.
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    The 4th Battalion served in 161 Brigade of 2nd British Division in India and fought at the battle of Kohima.

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