The Rhine Army Horse Show - August 1919 - Middlesex Regt.

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    I am trying to search my grandfathers WW1 records which appear to have been destroyed during the blitz of WW2. All I have to go on is that his name was John Clark(e) and he served in the Middlesex Regiment and won 1st prize for his field cooker at The Rhine Army Horse Show on the 18th August 1919. He was presented a silver cigarette case which was inscribed: Middlesex Regt., The Rhine Army Horse Show, 1st Prize, J Clarke, 18th August 1919, Field Cooker.
    I am hoping that someone may hold records of these horse shows that will enable me to find my grandfathers battalion so I might search for his war medal record. The problem is that his name is a common one.
    I would be thrilled if someone may be able to help or advise as I appear to have run out of leads.
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    Hi Michael,
    Welcome to the forum and thankyou for posting your question. It is difficult when your research name is a common one. I gather you have tried the medal index at Kew.
    One suggestion i can think of right now is to email the Regimental Museum and see if they have any records on this event. From the title it looks like he was part of the occupying force that marched into Germany after the fighting stopped. This may help the museum in being able to tell you which Battalion he was in. Searching for something like this at Kew would be like looking for a needle in a haystack, however you may want to try it in their search engine on the website.
    Let me know how you get on

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